It can be challenging as a foreigner to comply to the requirements of the czech authorities. I have experience first-hand, because I’m not Czech, so when I started my first firm in Prague several years ago I was amazed how much more complicated getting a residence permit or setting up a firm seemed to be than in any other country that I lived in previously.

I noticed over time that it was not only me, but virtually every foreigner is facing the same hurdles. According to me, the key problem is that it takes a foreigner to understand a foreigner. Apart from the language (speaking English doesn’t automatically mean: understanding English), even a bigger barrier is often a foreigner’s concept of what is logical and right vs. ‘the czech way’.

Having lived long enough here to recognize the difficulties typical for non-Czechs, I’m confident the team is able circumvent most of them, making getting to Czech Republic and doing business here a pleasant experience.

Our team consists of:

* an expat business consultant,
* 2 bookkeepers / accountants,
* a tax-advisor / registered accountant,
* a lawyer, specialized in commercial law, and
* a person for visas and residence permits.

We speak English, German, Dutch and Czech.

Our belief is that our combined skills and nationalities allow us to better understand you, resulting in high quality services with a reasonable pricetag.

There are several businesstypes to choose from, the most common ones are listed here:

* tradelicence (= živnostenský list , “živ.list”),
– examples: freelancer, enterpreneur.

* limited liability company (LLC, LTD) (= s.r.o.),
– typical for: entrepreneurs,(foreign) mothercompany

* branch office,
– typical for: (foreign) mothercompany

* joint stock company (= a.s.),
– typical for: holding with multiple s.r.o’s, public shares

* partnership,
– not very common for foreigners

* co-operation (“drustvo”).
– (“used to be”) typical for buildings with multiple owners

tax services

Private Individuals
For 95% of the foreigners there are 3 possibilities:

being employee, being freelancer (using a živ.list) or having an independent s.r.o.

If n employer offers a position as employee, you may also consider working freelance.
In case you wish to be a ‘free man / woman’, the choice is between freelance and s.r.o.

Our services consist of 3 sections:
Business Startup

* New and Readymade Companies (s.r.o. / a.s.),
* Registering Freelancers / Tradelicenses (živ.list),
* Business Seats and Virtual Offices (sídlo),
* Business consultancy – Does my idea have a chance in CZ?,
* Business plans – How to write what investors want to read,
* Business Webdesign and SEO – an important part of marketing,
* Translation services.

Business First Aid

* Business first aid – You’ve gotten yourself in trouble with the taxoffice,
* Bookkeeping Rescue – The previous accountant made a mess of things.

ltd company

Standard Accountancy Services

* Single- and double entry bookkeeping,
* Payroll administration,
* Processing social- and health charges,
* Cars: kilometer registration, roadtax,
* Repesenting your company at tax-, social- and health- offices.
* Tax Optimization, – By our taxadvisor / auditor
* Tax reports (closing bookkeeping year),
* VAT reports (monthly, quarterly, annually)

Special Accountancy Services

* Taxes on alcohol, tabacco and alike,
* Employees working outside Czech Republic,
* International VAT problems,
* Import / Export Declarations.
* Boekhouding in het Nederlands!

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