Visit this Swing Trading Blog to know the best currency pair to trade right now. Get these Forex Scalping Cheatsheets just now! Know these Candlestick Patterns! What can be the best currency pair to trade right now? There are currency pairs that are known as majors. They are USDEUR, USDGBP, USDJPY, USDCHF, EURGBP, USDAUD, USDCAD and a few more. Almost ninety percent of the global currency trading is in these pairs. But you never know which is the best currency pair for swing trading right now. With so many currency pairs to trade, is it USDJPY or USDGBP?

Successful swing trading depends on spotting the trend the trend at the right moment and riding the trend till its end. Now if you have been trading currencies, you must know that USD is expected to depreciate in the near future. Some analyst are saying it will be a major depreciation, while others are talking about a minor depreciation.

When a currency adjusts its value, this is the best time for swing trading as well as position trading and making huge profits. Now as I have said above, their are some currency pairs known as the major currency pairs that involve most of the currency trade in the world everyday. Out of these six involve USD on either side. So when USD depreciates, which one of these six pairs is going to give you the best trade. This is the million dollar question! How do you find it out. Make a guess! Trading based on guessword is like take potshots in the dark.

So USD depreciation will be major or minor, what do you think? It is here that whoever is going to guess it right is going to make a windfall gain. Remember George Soros who was anticipating a major devaluation of GBP in the early part of 1992. He gambled on it and made a cool $1 Billion in just 24 hours. I am not saying that every trader can be like George Soros. But the right guess at the right time this is what you need to make a windfall gain.

So how do you know what will happen? Do fundamental analysis! But if you are not a professional trader, you will not be able to make anything out of your fundamenatal analysis. What you need is a highly successful trader who can take you by hand and teach you how to swing trade the forex market into profits in just 10 minutes every day. You will never know unless you meet the Ultimate Swing Trader. Who is this Ultimate Swing trader?

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