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The long-term calendar ranges and/or the Double X intermediate-term calendar range strategy will define the key price levels to guide your trading. When you take the Calendar Ranges Trading course TOMORROW evening (12/29), you’ll get multiple simple and systematic methods for knowing when powerful trends like those in from the lows of 2003 and highs of 2007 are in place.

This is perfect for:
• Day traders who care about daily trends,
• Swing-traders who trade moves lasting days to weeks
• Position traders who look for moves lasting weeks to months.

How Does Trading Calendar Ranges Work?

The Trading Calendar Ranges Course will:
1. Show you how to identify stocks, ETF’s, futures, etc. with the greatest potential in the time frame you like to trade – swing or day trade. It is based on Calendar Range market analysis that enables you to easily define when to be bullish and bearish.
2. Give you specific patterns to trade based on your style – breakouts, reversal, trend retracements, etc.
3. Give you specific entry and exit rules to manage your trades based on your trading style – swing or day trading.

The Most Valuable Part of Calendar Ranges For You
May Be Its Unique Perspective!

Yes, the course will give strategies and tactics for trading, but…

The most valuable take away for your trading could be your new ability to use daily charts to see powerful forces affecting the markets in ways that you have never seen before. Market moves that previously looked random will now make sense.

Best of all… seeing the market bias in any chart is simple and does not require any special indicators.

How much is it worth to have a second opinion from this unique measure of market conditions? Calendar Ranges analysis will help you identify the best markets/stocks to trade. How much could you save if you could avoid costly trades?

You will not find the Calendar Range analysis anywhere else.

The FREE Videos will be “members only” In Less Than 30 hours

Last week I demonstrated how powerful calendar ranges are by showing you how and why they work in 3 videos with a lot of examples because I know this sounds too simple to be true.

But when the course starts…

I’ll be moving the videos to an area of our site restricted to attendees of the Calendar Range course, because there is actually more there than meets the untrained eye. So I can’t leave them unprotected for very long.

However, course attendees will benefit from the ability to look at them again and say, “I can’t believe it was there the whole time. I see it now.” Don’t forget… I’m so sure that after this course you’ll never look at daily charts the same way again, that if you attend the course tomorrow and do not think this will improve your trading immediately, email us before midnight and we’ll return everything you paid!

That’s right, we’re willing to guarantee that you will be happy with this course.

No special software or indicators are required.