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The Calendar Range course is less than 10 days away (next Tuesday – 12/29), and your satisfaction is guaranteed, but you must attend to take advantage of this offer.

See How Calendar Ranges Navigated the Crisis Confidently

Previously, I promised that the second video in our Calendar Ranges series would demonstrate how the Calendar Ranges made it possible for me to successfully navigate the brutal bear markets of 2008 – 09.

Well, this new video delivers on my promise by giving you a great new perspective on markets in crisis, including how…
• You could have had a bullish bias only during the biggest rallies of the brutal bear market
• You could have been confidently short during the vicious the market plunges
I also cover 3 trading concepts that you should be using in your trading right now (in addition to the Calendar Ranges):
1. Inter-market analysis for more effectively confirming a trend’s strength
2. A trading tactic for helping avoid head fakes on your entry and exits
3. A trading pattern that every trader should master because it identifies market turning points – the divergence.

After learning all this you’ll see why I bought the Q’s near the March lows, but…I went a little overboard in the amount of information I’ve shared. I’m sure you won’t mind, but this means… we definitely can’t leave this mini trading webinar up for too long! So please check it out now.

2009 Was A Great Trading Year, I Don’t Want You To Miss 2010
As I’ve said in the past, I love sharing this Calendar Range secret with MarketGauge members.

You see… 2010 will undoubtedly provide huge opportunities based on the Calendar Ranges, and with some very simple trading techniques you’ll be able to catch these moves.

I want you to see how straight forward trading can be. That’s what I created what’s basically a “mini trading webinar” in video #2 (f.r.e.e) to show you.

Plus, I give you a small taste of what we’ll be getting into in great detail in the Calendar Ranges course next on December 29th.

For example, the Calendar Ranges course will give you:
• The Double X trading strategy that you’ve seen in the videos and images above keep you on the right side of the markets’ trends.
• Methods for determining the market’s Long, Intermediate, and Short-term market bias that will improve your entries and exits.
• Criteria to identify the most powerful consolidation patterns on daily charts
• The two specific months that define market conditions for months (maybe years) ahead
• Trading strategies with specific entry and exit criteria for day traders and swing traders
• The ability to see trends and turning points in the charts based on a system that you will not find anywhere else
• More than I can list in an email

And it’s all comes with a satisfaction guarantee!

So, improve your trading skills with this complimentary video #2. Then register for the December 29th Calendar Ranges course so I can show you how to use the Calendar Ranges to improve your trading! Did I tell you that the 12/29 class will be followed by a second training class on January 14th? We’re going to use that 2nd class to make sure you have a chance to trade the Calendar Ranges then have us live again to answer any questions. Plus, we’ll review what we see in the markets going forward!

Don’t forget you’ll have complete recordings of both sessions, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything live. All you have to do is register by December 29th. (And check out Videos #1 & #2 while you’re at it.)