Cash for carts has been receiving a lot of comments and criticism from every direction and it is no wonder, the stimulus spending was being abused before the bill’s ink was dry. Well, at least there is one group of the needy population namely “the golf cart purchasers” that is receiving government subsidy at the time of the crazy recession. After all, we all know the country club taxpayers are in need of another tax break.

Some people will say that it is a waste of the taxpayer’s money. Some people will support this program for all the reasons unknown. And some are just sitting in one corner waiting for something to come their way. The other ninety percent of the population don’t know a stimulus from a massage.

Electric golf carts would by far reduce the effect or cut down the ongoing car pollution thereby decreasing the negative effects that cars and trucks cause to humanity, if we could just convince everyone to leave for work an hour early and wear funny cloths. If you want to play golf, you take your cart instead of driving your car, provided you live just a few miles from the course on a twenty-mile-an-hour road (sarcasm). If you want to go elsewhere in your community such as grocery store, gym or market, you can always take the cart if you live in Mayberry, North Carolina. Would it suffice to say that the Cash For Carts program can benefit even the tiniest percentage of the population from the ongoing worldwide crisis? Yes, it does add up as long as you purchased your calculator in Washington. Cash for carts is a subject where one can only comment and criticize. The usefulness or the wastefulness is yet to come.

Well, we all know that windmills are built utilizing the energy that comes from a renewable source. Practically, many people will just use golf carts for playing golf while it is true that it can get you around town in the smaller communities. However, the whole idea to this is that the taxpayers (you and me included) will somehow think their money is subsidizing a community of golfers or golf cart purchasers. Many think that this is totally a waste of money especially when so many Worldwide are suffering from the recession. I say stop being selfish and understand country clubbers need great deals on their golf carts just as much as first time home buyers.

It should be known that this boom in the golf cart follows the IRS rule that says golf carts will qualify for the electric car credit for as long as they can be considered road worthy. This means that these golf carts are in essence the same as the typical golf carts with the addition of safety measures like side and rear-view mirrors as well as three point seat belts. Usually, a golf cart can travel at about 15 to 25 miles an hour. Basically, we are to believe, these golf carts are modified for public utilization and not just for the golf terrain. Never-mind the public terrain hasn’t been modified for 20mph golf carts.

It can be appreciated that the cash for carts program was probably devised with good intentions by politicians that spend a lot of valuable thought time on the gold course. However, the program will always lead to the road of abuse, waste and fraud. You can catch up on this gab but in today’s time, you never will without the help of people like me with too much time on my hands. Visit for the latest developments in this ridiculous stimulus.

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