If you can read an email, you can trade forex with these cash printing Forex Signals from heaven. Get your FREE 82 page page pdf Candlestick Guide just now! Chris Rowe’s Internal Strength System is an investing course that can make you rich. Stock investing is a time tested method of wealth building. Warren Buffet is a perfect example of a stock investor who over the years had amassed a fortune worth $50 Billion. At one time Warren Buffet was the richest man in the world even surpassing Bill Gates who had made his fortune by selling windows operating system.

What’s so special about Warren Buffet? Warren Buffet is known for his methodical and systematic research in unearthing stocks that have gone out of favor with the Wall Street but have the potential to rebound with the passage of time. Warren Buffet does not like to invest in companies that are hyped.

His stock investing method is unique. The most important consideration that he gives while investing in companies is that its management is sound and the market in which the company does business is going to thrive for many decades in the future. He is a quintessential value investor who goes for value.

Buffet method of stock investing is based on the famous stock investing course, ” The Intelligent Investor”, by Benjamin Graham. It was Graham who first enunciated how to value a stock by calculating its intrinsic value. Once you have the intrinsic value, you should compare it with its market price. If it is lower than the market price than the stock is overpriced, don’t invest in it. If the intrinsic value of the stock is higher than the market price, it is a good bargain that will rise in value in the future.

Warren Buffet has taken this method of stock investing to its perfection. Over the years, he has invested in a diverse array of companies like Washington Post Company, General Re ( a reinsurance company), General Electric and reaped huge returns. His average return has always been above the market return.

This does not mean that everyone can emulate Warren Buffet’s success story. But what is for sure is that stock investing is still the best wealth building method. Right now, the stocks are down. Most of them are selling below their intrinsic value. What you need to do is invest in stocks with good intrinsic value and within a few years you will get an ROI of 200-200%.

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