Latest from the FX Compass Team: We have a very nice update for you!! Craig Harris has agreed to join us for Part 2 of “The Natural Flow Of The Market”. Join Craig this Monday evening, October 26th @ 8:00 pm Eastern Time for more insight into his trading. Traders just can’t get enough of his training and several of you are implementing what you have learned so far from just his free training videos and getting good results.Learn Swing Trading. Learn to read Forex Charts and know Fibonacci Retracement!

Do not delay signing up, we had a completely full house this past Monday night. We had over 1600 registered and seating for only 1000…Craig will finish answering the questions that have come in, review “The Natural Flow Of The Market”, cover “The Tokyo Channel”, PLUS reveal the results from your trader surveys.

Several thousand of you have taken the Traders Survey from Craig. Join us to hear the results. We were surprised that over 90% of you took the survey so the results represent the majority of traders. Also, we have been hearing from many traders that have joined Craig’s membership, some just finished their two day live training and they are ready to be in the trading room Sunday night, plus we have heard from some that bought the basic package.

The one thing we have heard from every trader is how happy they are with the members’ area and how complete the training videos are. We will update you as we hear more details from traders that sign up. Once again, join us Monday evening as Craig answers more of your questions. We really appreciate Craig taking time to do another webinar, we know trading comes first…

If you missed this past Monday’s webinar or you want to hear it again, we have included the replay link below.
Do not miss your chance to join other traders and your chance to hear Craig again this Monday evening, Oct.26th
@ 8:00 pm est. Sign up early to secure your seat!! Enjoy the webinar! Your friends at Compass FX”

The Natural Flow Of The Market” continued…When: Monday Evening, October 26, 2009 8:00 PM Eastern. We want to send an update to make sure you show up at the correct time. The email we sent you yesterday about our webinar Monday evening with Craig Harris for Part 2 of “The Natural Flow Of The Market” was correct!!

However, when you registered which over 700 of you already have, you received a confirmation from
gotowebinar and a link that said 8:00 am. This is not the correct time. We caught the error and those that received the wrong time were sent a new confirmation with the correct time 8:00 PM Eastern.

So, make sure you have it correct, DO NOT show up for Donuts & Coffee at 8:00 am as Craig is not showing up until Dinner at 8:00 PM Eastern!! Don’t delay, grab your seat now and join us Monday Evening, October 26th 2009 @ 8:00 PM Eastern for Part 2 with Craig Harris.

Craig will answer more of your questions, review, “The Natural Flow Of The Market” cover “The Tokyo
Channel” and reveal “The Traders Survey” results…Sign up early to secure your seat, we have a limited
number of seats and we had a completely full house last week. See you tomorrow Night!!