Learn Futures Trading.Dax Futures is, like, the place to be (if you’re looking for lucrative markets, that is). In case you didn’t know, the Dax market offers impressive liquidity AND is estimated to have a daily volume of about 200,000 contracts. It’s traded from 8:00AM to 10:00PM in Europe, which is 2:00AM to 4:00PM Eastern in the United States – but not to worry, with NetPicks’ Dax Live Signal Service, you’ll only trade during the best hours. Know Dow Futures.

And talk about volatility, for the well-trained trader (or in your case, the well-LEAD trader) there are literally dozens of profit seeking opportunities within a single session. And with the Dax daily price range around 80 points, even day traders can pick up a good 30 to 50 points in ONE move.

Like Netpicks Forex and eMini Futures Live Signal Services, Netpicks offer clear and reliable analysis from the get-go. Netpicks Head Traders actually trade our tried-and-true Universal Market Trader Strategy that focuses on sound principles to keep your profit potential soaring while keeping a watchful eye on risk management. Try Netpicks Forex Signals free for two weeks.

And just check out our results…

*500+ DAX Futures Profit Points in 2 ½ Month (Equals $12,500.00 EUR per contract traded!)

*Over 72% of all trades called live are profitable

*88% of our Trading Sessions have ended profitable

The beauty of the Dax Signal Service is that you’ll have the chance to seriously benefit from the UMT Strategy (retailing for upwards of $1,995.00) without the time-commitment of learning and mastering the system from the very beginning. So the Dax Signal Service is PERFECT for novice trader or traders that want to get into those markets but can’t commit to the time involved in learning a new system.

With the Dax Signal Service, Netpicks promise you the ultimate in convenience! Like,

*EXACT Entries and Exits given for ALL trades

*Only trading during the best and potentially most lucrative times

*A no-stress trading experience – because Netpicks will do all the heavy-lifting for you

Netpicks mantra is, “Get in, get out, get done.” Who has time to be trading from opening bell to closing bell? Certainly not us! Netpicks have got a bigger-picture perspective and encourage all of our traders to trade with a purpose… see your wins and quit while you’re ahead so you can spend time on your life, your family, your friends and hobbies.

And to top it all off, Netpicks wants to give you the exclusive opportunity to try out the Dax Signal Service for two full weeks… at no charge or obligation to continue on with them.

There are alot of Signal Services out there, but not every service is a great fit for you. But with a 2-week test drive, you’ll be able to determine if Netpicks worth the effort (which is minimal at best!).

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