I interpreted a article around a week back that said by the point in time I am able to stop working, there won’t be any Medicare or Social Security left in the trust the government has set aside. Because of this, I am so happy that I have been capable to pinch and save every penny I can. That way, by the moment I am prepared to give up work, I could have sufficient money to do so comfortably.

I trust during my time at the Lucrative Investor I can help share some of my ideas with readers regarding how I live economically and put aside I can.

Here’s my opening word of advice:

Store brands can conserve you a fortune.

I am aware what you all are probably thinking, “Of course generics will save me some money, but they taste terrible.”

Well, you couldn’t be more incorrect.

Prior to us having kids, my husband, Bryce, and I would waste (probably too much) money on name brand things. We always bought Heinz ketchup, Kraft American cheese, Turner milk, Coca-cola sodas, etc… Then once the children came along, we knew that something had to be completed to control our spending behavior.

Coupon cutting was the norm (and still is for us), but there would be times when we desirable something like ketchup when we wouldn’t own a coupon meant for it. That’s at which time we began buying generic ketchup. While we may desire one store brand over an alternative, in numerous cases the generics taste similar or indistinguishable to the name brand thing.

As soon as we started buying the generics along with the coupon clipping for the name brands, there was a clear fall in how much we were spending monthly in provisions. We were also still able to feed the children all the same foods without any fussing. There was at least one month when we were capable to put aside nearly $150 on groceries in opposition to the month previous.

Here’s a trick when it comes to finicky kids: Get a box of their preferred breakfast cereal, but find a store brand that is the same “flavor.” Once the package is empty of the name brand cereal, fill it up with the generic breakfast cereal and they won’t ever notice the difference. The secret can be used for a number of things (and ladies, husbands can be tricked this way also).

If you are in spite of everything skeptical about name brands because of a stigma you might have acquired through the years, give them a try at least once. The best part is, a few grocery stores offer a money back assurance if you don’t like their brand more than the national name brand thing.

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