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Until December 22…’Enlightenment Forex’ is not going to be for everyone. It may be too expensive. It may be too “Hard Core” – too “out there” for squeamish traders. Maybe you just aren’t interested in becoming an elite pip-stealing machine. Perhaps “low-key” traditional forex trading is more your thing. Which is cool. If that works for you. Anyway… To christen the official launch of to Enlightenment Forex, I’ve decided to publish something very special for you. It’s called The MTF Method.

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To maintain its value – I’ll pull it off the Internet when this launch is over. And it will NEVER be available after that. And for those of you that want to experience a completely new level of forex trading, watch your inbox in the next few days. Like I said earlier, we plan to “officially” open the doors on Tuesday December 22. We’ll most likely do it at NOON (Eastern Time) so that nobody will have to be up at the crack of dawn in order to have a shot at getting in. THIS WILL BE VERY LIMITED. We really don’t want to put any pressure on you. But we’ll probably just take on a group of 200 customers when we open.

Here are the actual (non-hypey) reason why we HAVE to limit it:

** When we get the new customers, we want to focus on getting you up and running…and not on selling our training program**

And we’re pretty sure all 200 slots will be snapped up in just a few days. After all, there are ALREADY 10,263 people on this list (I don’t know how.. but this early-bird list seems to double in size every single day — just by word-of-mouth)…and we’ll only be accepting 200 new people. Plus, the “Big Name Guys” in the forex education business will also be telling their readers about this launch as well. Anyway – we’re not telling you this to put pressure on you or whatever. This is just the real reason we’re limiting access. And this is why we’re giving so much content away right now. Because we hope that even if you would not be able to get a copy when we open the doors, you’d still get a lot of free stuff that you can actually use to increase your trading profits. It’s our way of saying thanking you for sticking with us.