Develop your own Forex Robot Portfolio risk free in 60 days and reach a million in 1 year starting with only $1,000. Discover a Forex Trading System with an ROI of 2956.16% a month. This what Rob Casey, the author of FAP Turbo Expert Guide says; Hey it’s Rob Casey here with a quick progress update on what we’ve been working on here at the FAP turbo Expert Guide, including a heads up on our broker custom price feed as well as a pretty cool free course and EA! First ..

FAP Turbo 49 Settings
Lots of questions coming in about settings for FAP turbo 49. We are testing the new FAP Turbo 49 and hope to release settings specifically for v49 very soon to the members area. We retest all the currency pairs on a regular basis as part of our on going effort to provide the most up-to-date FAP Turbo information available anywhere on the web.

If you’re not already a member of the FAP Turbo Expert Guide then there’s no better time to join as we prepare to begin trading the USDCHF pair now available in FAP Turbo 49.

Brokers: Commissions v.s. Spreads?
There’s been a lot of questions lately regarding the differences between commission based brokers and strictly spread based brokers so I’ve put together a new blog post that describes how each broker model works. It should clear up any confusion about how brokers make money and the choices available to you. I highly recommend you read it!

Commission Based Brokers v.s. Spread Based Brokers

The Custom Price Feed
I have two important things to announce regarding our Custom Price Feed …

First, our custom price feed has always been a “private members only” custom price feed, but for the first time ever we are opening up access to the feed to members of our “public” newsletter (this newsletter).

Second, we’re doing this in conjunction with the upcoming commission based custom feed option we’ll be releasing shortly. The negotiations on this second, commission based, custom price feed with GallantFX is nearing completion and we’re confident it will be competitive with any commission based broker on the market. We’ll notify you the minute the second feed is available which should be any day now.

We’re going to keep new registration access to our members custom price feed open for the next 2 weeks at which time we will revisit the open access policy and possibly close public access again. You can read more about our current custom price feed here.

Expert Guide Custom Price Feed

Next Forex Rebellion Seminar Reminder
Just a reminder to those who took advantage of the Forex Rebellion Bonus Offer that the next Forex Rebellion seminar is scheduled for Monday, November 16th at 2 PM Pacific. However, if you can’t make the seminar time it will be recorded. You’ll need to access the Forex Rebellion Bonus site members area to get access to the seminar. If you purchased Forex Rebellion through the Forex Rebellion bonus site you need to make sure you submit your claim for access to that site using the form at the bottom of the page at

It can take a day to process the claims so please don’t wait until the last minute if you want to hear the seminar live. BTW, we’re going to be adding a seminar question submission section the members area of the site on Thursday evening. You’ll be able to use this submission form to send us your Rebellion questions before the seminar.

FREE Course and EA
I’m always on the lookout for new EAs, trading systems and Forex courses. It’s all part of the never ending learning process that makes us all better traders over time. I want to give you a heads up on a very cool and very free mini course that comes with a f.ree EA that I think you really should check out.

I think this mini course can really help you understand EAs better. If you don’t want to miss the next Forex Rebellion seminar on Monday be sure to get your Rebellion Bonus claims submitted ASAP! Watch for the free mini course and EA… the mini course will be enlightening and may just inspire you to create your own EA!