If you are a US consumer you have a right to obtain free credit report annually. You have such right by law accepted September 2005. These days you have a possibility to check your credit report so as to know about your financial standing and your creditors think about you. In reality, a lot of people are not informed enough about this kind of service and there is plenty of confusion related to free credit report.

There are various websites offering free credit report and score service. Some of them ask for your credit card information, others offer to sign up for a thirty day trial which you can cancel after thirty days. In most cases people forget to do it what leads to monthly credit card charges. This service is counted on your forgetting about trial period and as a result you are charged with a fee.

To be sure that are dealing with reliable services make sure that you have chosen the right source, the official website of the three credit reporting agencies. You can obtain your credit report for free via this website once every twelve months on your request. If it is convenient for you to get your credit report online, you can obtain it via mail or by phone.

As identity thefts are quite common and to protect you and other consumers from fraudulent activities these agencies have security protocols with encryption. You can be sure that that information your credit report and score contains is protected enough.

Keep in mind that the official site doesn’t provide your credit score information. You can obtain your credit report but credit score is not available. Even you obtain your credit report data only you can check it to be confident that it doesn’t contain errors. If it has then you can clear it up so as not to let it affect your credit score. The identity thefts, the situations when your accounts are taken over by someone else, can also be detained due to such checks. Mind that this can greatly destroy your credit score if such activity isn’t prevented on time.

When it comes to your credit report check there is a paid service which offers you to obtain your credit score information. The law doesn’t provide a free credit score. You have to pay some fee to obtain your credit score information. There are companies that provide such service for 30 days trial period. Thus, your free credit report provided annually and your credit score are not one and the same and you can obtain your credit report for free only to be informed about what is going on and what is your financial standing.

In our daily life we can find lots of examples how good information applied at a proper time can save you from big troubles. With credit score this is also the case. With free credit score info you can act accordingly.

So, if you are looking for free credit score information, together with practical guidelines – please visit this web site. Compare and use free credit score for your advantage!