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I fully endorse this service and believe that it is above and beyond what you will find in most others. Join now, I’m not sure what capacity they are able to support, and I know they are very tight about keeping this group exclusive so that everyone is properly taken care of.

Over 10,000 are awaiting the release of the *NEW* AI and it goes live today! They are finally live…I just talked with Tom…He said so many people were hitting the site around 12 pm noon that it jammed up their server…The “Neural Network” went down temporarily….So he was yelling at his tech guys to do something and they had to order more servers to deal with the influx of soon to be members… They are finally live…don’t wait…claim your spot now!

Listen to Tom what he says: Wow, what a day, a fiasco if anything, man I’m exhausted, so sorry for making you wait…You didn’t miss your chance…We got hit with waves of traffic at noon today it melted down our servers…A least that’s what I’m told…I have no idea really about this web stuff…I’m just an old trader… Luckily my web guy is on top of it…Everything is straight now, and we are taking orders…And they are flooding in…Remember this does have a limited capacity so that we can fully support our members, this is a premier mentoring service not just an EA and Signals Service…Just go here now and you are going to want to watch the video, then you are going to hit the add to cart button and choose your package, and after that you will be able to securely join our trading community…