Download forex scalping cheat sheets now! Last week I came across one of the most groundbreaking trading reports I have come across in over 7 years. It was called the 60:30:10 Principal, and it got so much buzz, it was downloaded over ten thousand times the very first day it was released! Today, the author of that report and highly respected trader and educator, Jason Fielder, has raised the bar even higher.

He has just released his own personal forex scalping “Cheat Sheets” that reveal several legitimate “loop holes” in the markets. Jason literally “cracks the code” with his brilliant approach to scalping, and he is actually giving away 4 different systems on how he does it… But only for a few days.

As a full time trader myself, just about every new trading system, report, or high end strategy comes across my desk…on a pretty much daily basis. So you can imagine how unusual it is for one to actually stand out. Jason’s scalping “Cheat Sheets” are without a doubt a very notable exception.

The cheat sheets will reveal when the best times to scalp are (they are NOT when you think) and the times to avoid. Plus you will discover how to break the market down into several “micro-markets” and trade each one accordingly. Go grab your copy, they are short, to the point, and they will give your trading an instant bump. Just a friendly advice that you should avoid trading any pairs with USD or CAD in them today (Monday) as it is a holiday in both Canada and the US. Learn forex charts.

Holidays are like news days in that they can be a little unstable, especially for scalping strategies where stability is so important. So in general avoid trading a pair that one or both currencies have a holiday. If you don’t know what is forex scalping than you must download this report and go through it. Forex scalping is usually a trading method in which you enter and exit a trade in a matter of minutes. This is usually done when the market is in a consolidating mode. Scalping should be avoided when the market is trending.

These forex scalping cheat sheets tell you what is the best time for forex scalping. Why the market is choppy at that time. In fact Jason gives his four best forex scalping methods in his forex scalping cheat sheets. These forex scalping methods have been developed by Jason over a period of 14 years. Jason lives and breathes forex. Now Jason and his friend Anthony both run the Netpicks website as well. You can try Netpicks forex signals free for two weeks. He has also released the Forex Executor plugins that let’s you trade forex without breaking the new NFA rules.