Meet the High Velocity Market Master and get your free copy of the Ultimate Day Trading System. Learn Fibonacci Retracement. Discover Chris Rowe’s Internal Strength System the exact investing system that he had used to make millions in stock trading! Ultimate Day Trading System is a simple and straight forward system that has been primarily designed for the forex market but it can also trade stocks and futures. If you are a trader than you should be knowing that opportunity keeps on shifting from one market to another. This system can be used with any platform like the MetaTrader, Trade Station, Meta Stock, eSignal, NinjaTrader or even broker specific platforms like FXCM. It uses off the shelf proprietary indicators. So what you will get is a proven and tested system that is a gift from Mark.

Right now forex and gold trading are the hottest things. Currency markets are seeing volatility never seen in decades. This means there is a lot of profit making opportunity in the currency markets only if you know how to tap it. This day trading system will help you in tapping as many pips as possible. The idea behind developing this day trading system is to get in a trade, make as much profit as possible and get done for the rest of the day.

This day trading system works on any timeframe. You can use it to trade forex, stocks and futures. You won’t take long to master this free day trading system. All the training is provided once you download this system. Developing your own system is a long and tedious process that might take years of testing.

To tell you the truth, only professional traders have the capacity and the experience required to develop their own systems. A new system requires a lot of back and forward testing before it can be said with confidence that it is a good system. With this system you don’t need to develop anything!

This free day trading system has been primarily designed for forex but it can also successfully trade stocks and futures. As a trader, you are always in search of a trading system that is proven and tested. Developing your own system requires time and experience. In nutshell, without a good system, you are doomed as a trader. What you need is something that has been thoroughly tested under different market conditions.

Your system should not be complicated and use too many indicators. Best systems only use not more than three indicators and are easy to setup and trade with. This system fulfills all the requirements of a good day trading system. It is easy to setup and use. It can be setup on almost all platforms like Meta Trader, eSignal, Ninja Trader, Meta Stock, FXCM and so on. All you need is a good charting platform and from there you will be able to install the indicators that this system uses. You don’t have to worry, this day trading system uses the most basic technical indicators. Now let’s setup the system:

1) Pull down the menu of technical indicators and choose CCI (Commodity Channel Index). Change the overbought to 50 and oversold to -50.

2) Go to the, “Insert Analysis Techniques” and apply the Moving Averages 3 Lines.

3) Format these three Moving Averages to 21, 55 and 89.

This is the easy setup of this system. It comprises CCI and three Moving Average Lines 22, 55 and 89. When you download this free day trading system, you will find a 35 minute video that will walk you through all the steps and how to trade with this system. You can try this system on your demo account. This system has been developed by Mark Soberman, President of Netpicks. Mark has got 20+ years of experience trading different markets!