There are so many traders on the forex market and each of them is trying to outdo the others. Competition is so severe that almost everybody is trying to come up with a plan or idea with the help of which they could be able to get the best income and to lose the less. However not everyone succeeds in the task as in order to trade well it is not enough just to know the strategy. Trading on the forex market is complex and requires some special attitude. If you would like to succeed you should put a lot of efforts and try hard to exceed yourself. Only after that you will be able to see real results. I have loan experience of trading on the forex market and judging from the behavior of the new traders I may suggest that there are some tips which it is better to follow in order to avoid mistakes which may trigger dramatic changes.

The main mistake which lead to so many losses and misunderstanding among traders is to trust to the indicators. There is no way that you will become a good (I do not say a successful because) trader on the forex market. Do not listen to the advertisements. The market has been created and developed by the people and it functions because real people trade. No machines are likely to be really helpful if you decide to trade using indicators. Can you imagine that a person made any business with a machine? People do business among themselves. There is nothing that can change the human brain. So why are trying to find substitution to the most amazing organ in your body?

In order to deal with desire to buy any trading tool you should develop self-confidence. Only when you start trusting your self you will be able to make money. As long as you are unsure and think that trading on the market is too dangerous for the new comer you are likely to do nothing useful for your business. The main obstacle that decreases people’s self-confidence is risk. They are afraid of losing a penny. However it is impossible to run business and suffer no losses. There is always risk. It is inevitable. No matter what are you doing you should always know that sometime you may lose. It is normal and natural.

Trading on the forex market is rather difficult and requires special skills and knowledge. However, the only thing that matters a lot is self-confidence. Only when you decide that it is you who have to be in charge of your business you are likely to make money. Till than you are likely to lose money and eventually quit the market.

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