Learn ETF Trend Trading from Big A, a former hedge fund manager. Watch INo TV, your best alternative to the high priced Trading Courses. If you can read an email, you can start printing cash with these 1500 pips a day Strignano’s Forex Signals! If you are trading the stock market than you know how important Dow Jones Industrial Average as well as the NASDAQ index is in judging the mood of the market. If you don’t know how to predict the direction of these two indices, you will always be surprised by the market. Now, If you trade stock index futures like the Dow Futures or the NASDAQ E-Minis than you need to watch these two INO TV videos on Dow and the NADAQ. Both these videos are free to watch but contain valuable content by Adam Hewison, a respected trader and President of MarkerClub. When it comes to market commentary, Adam Hewison is the best. He can explain complex analysis in very simple terms. So watch what he says:

As the Dow Goes, So Goes the Country
This what Adam Hewison, President, INO.com, Co-creator, MarketClub says: The Dow has managed to claw back 50% of the losses that occurred in 2007 and 2008. The question now is, what’s ahead? In my new video I share with you some of the ideas that I’m looking at for this index. I believe we are at a very important crossroads and would not be surprised to see this market lose ground in the next 3 to 6 months. In the video I also show you exactly what I’m looking at that will confirm a major top for this index. As always our videos are free to watch and there is no need to register.

Is the NASDAQ Running Out of Steam?
The NASDAQ index is now in thin air and appears to be waning in strength. In my new video I show exactly what I think will happen to this market. Unlike the Dow and the S&P 500, the NASDAQ index has reached unsustainable levels. This is a dangerous area for this index to be in and we would not be surprised to see downward pressure coming into this market later this year or into 2010. As always our videos are free to watch and there is no need to register.

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