Can you seriously pass this opportunity up?

I will give you a great technical trading system that works in ALL markets, not just ETFs, but more importantly I will teach you how to stay disciplined to follow the signals, how to be fearful when others are greedy and how to be greedy when others are fearful, how to milk the trend for almost all it is worth, and how to have minimal trades and risk when the market is not trending.

For example: There will be lots of days where we won’t be in the market. That is ok, if it’s not a system trade it’s not a trade. The day you start trading outside of the system because you are bored or “need the action” is the day you start losing. Not trading is a trading decision.

On the other hand there is under trading, not taking the trade when the signal tells you to. If that is the case why even learn my system? If you are that scared do a demo account a few more months.

You can paper trade for as long as you want. In fact that is what I recommend to all my new students. Don’t risk a dime until you see that my system works. Once you see that, trading discipline becomes easy.

There is a big difference between working and playing. In work you sacrifice your time. Don’t come to trading with “work attitude”. Come with the right attitude. The big pay days are easy and it will feel like play.

At some point you will get a string of winners, do not become overconfident.

At some point you will get a string of losers, do not get depressed.

At some point you will get no new trades, do not get bored.

Overconfidence, boredom and depression are all killers of good traders. If you know upfront this will happen at some point in time you will be better prepared for when it does happen.

These tips are just the tip of the iceberg compared to what is in my course, weekly webinars and member’s area. I am a trading veteran. If you will learn from me I will rub off on you.

Some testimonials (also found on the ETF Trend Trading Home Page).

• “I think the fact that I will be able to make trades in the evening for the next day and go on with my every day life with my wife and kids and still make money instead of sitting in front of a computer is worth its weight in gold.”

Richard L. – Commercial Airline Pilot

• “The system works hands down. This is the best system out there because it has definite entry points, exit points and profit levels. It greatly helps remove the emotion from trading.”

Mark K. – Programmer

• “As an Financial advisor, I would say that this system is far superior to “buy-and-hold,” and “asset allocation,” because it takes all of the guesswork out of the process.”

Michael V. – Financial Advisor

• “You can finally learn to trade with rationality, confidence and safety and tell your over-priced stock broker that you can trade better than him and say good-bye to him.”

John C. – Family Doctor

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Jason Goode

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