Did you know that you can seriously reduce your businesses insurance costs providing your management with IOSH Managing Safely ensures they are educated to recognised standards in health and safety. Training provided by IOSH the institute of occupational safety and health is one such method of acheiving this end. But there are ofcourse supplementary advantages of your companies management completing such training, a few of which I have detailed below:

#1. research has shown that based on the estimated number of workers worldwide, an average of over thirty eight million days are lost each year because of workplace injuries and poor health. This information should be enough to send alarm bells off in the minds of managers and business owners with any degree of common sense.

It is well known that the most common reasons for absence among workers are generally related to health problems. It is ofcourse to be expected for the human body to get stressed occasionally by home issues or work and end up having being run down or have a touch of flu. That said, a business needs to have precautions in place to ensure that they are not causing such ailments by overworking and undersupporting their workforce. if these cases are occuring regularly it would be a prudent idea to look for a failure in the management system in taking precautionary measures. Also if the illness is caused by another oversight in the workplace where safety measures have fallen short of the mark then such disease could not be in any way considered as normal. Examples of this type of scenario would be that of exposure to hazardous or toxic chemicals used in the workplace. When looking at factory or industrial workers, this type of environment is nearly always present. Exposure to harmful substances of this nature would most likely affect the health of an employee in a negative manner resulting in a extended absence from work or possibly worse. An increase in absenteeism is also bad for business as it results in less workers or workforce which has a knock on effect and damages the whole companies productivity and therefore income.

IOSH Managing Safely training is an ideal way to ensure that your entire management team are trained to a competent standard in order to ensure that situations like the ones above are identified and corrective actions are put into place before your business is put in jeapordy by a significant breech of health and safety legislation. Managers who have completing the training will be far more skilled with regards to completing risk assessments and spotting potential hazards before the risk is realized and you have a serious accident on your hands.

#2. Figures obtained from a recent survey suggest that around 25,000 people are leaving the workforce each year never to return to work because of harm or injury they experienced during the course of their employment, if more managers were trained to a competent level in the management of health and safety this figure could be significantly lower. The injuries resulting in permenant incapacity were far more prevelant in industries where heavy machines and plant were in use, and a significant number of those injured recieved permenant disabilies or required a wheelchair.

Although it is true that some accidents simply could not have been forseen and therefore avoided, there is still a significant number of accidents occuring in the UK each year that could be significantly reduced by a more proactive and hand on approach if management were more aware of how to spot unchecked hazards and correclty implement controls to minimise risk.

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