OTCSHUB is a financial investment website committed to covering the micro-cap and Small-cap market space including Pink Sheets and OTC Bulletin Board stocks. We publish our Daily Market Newsletter and Stocks to which highlight some of the most active Micro-cap and Small-cap stocks each market day.

OTCSHUB is a private investment firm that specializes in assisting the underserved Micro-cap and Small-cap stock community. Many of these entities lack the recognition required to raise the resources needed to increase equity appreciation and liquidity. This community has traditionally been shunned by Wall Street Institutions and has been forced to look elsewhere for exposure. OTCSHUB understands that there are many explosive companies waiting to be discovered by the retail investment community. These firms do not have the technology or time to introduce themselves to a wide range of potential investors. OTCSHUB allows its clients to focus on achieving their business goals while taking over the task of introducing the company to millions of potential investors. OTCSHUB provides members with daily stock picks, while providing Investor Relations to emerging growth companies. Additionally, OTCSHUB publishes in-depth corporate profiles on publicly-traded companies that help individuals make smart investment decisions. We feature a variety of Micro-cap and Small-cap companies in vertical markets including technology, Internet, biotech, oil & gas, alternative energy, mining, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, entertainment and many other industries.

OTCSHUB introduces public companies to qualified U.S. and International retail stockbrokers, investors, analysts, market makers, and fund managers with corporate profiles, media materials and investor kits that actively engage the financial marketplace. Our services play a significant role in helping publicly traded companies overcome low visibility and attract a wider following of investors to improve their overall market valuation.

OTCSHUB focuses on undervalued and up-and-coming companies in the Micro-cap and Small-cap space. We try to uncover hidden gems for investors and keep our investor members in the loop on what stocks are active and moving in the market.

OTCSHUB offers a suite of investor relations services designed to create awareness with Micro-cap and Small-cap investors. We communicate a client’s message to the investor community and raise awareness of the company and its stock.

OTCSHUB is the best online investment portal for undervalued and emerging growth companies. Our clients are showcased to potential investors using corporate profiles, executive audio interviews, research reports, newsletters, and email alerts. Our clients are also promoted through an excellent network of educated investors who have a major presence within targeted online investment communities.

OTCSHUB publishes a midday newsletter each market day.The newsletter is sent out to our members as an email, and it is also released to the general public as is both a press release. The OTCSHUB newsletter includes daily coverage of our featured companies. We cover any news that is released by our covered feature companies. We create a detailed company profile for all client companies on the OTCSHUB web site with prominent placement on the OTCSHUB home page. Additionally, we also cover other active Small-cap and Micro-cap stocks each day in our DailyNewsletter.

Daily Email News Alerts:
We send out daily email news and trade alerts to our member base covering significant news released by our current featured company clients as well as other news on active OTC and OTCBB stocks we deem significant to our member base. Market Blogs : Each week we publish articles and blogs covering the stock market, Small-cap and Micro-cap subjects, and other economic or stock related subjects.

Thousands of new public corporations emerge each year, but only a small percentage has the strategy, resources and financial backing for success. The goal of OTCSHUB is to increase your firm’s likelihood of success by stimulating corporate growth through education in the marketplace. OTCSHUB foremost goal is to expand your shareholder base by attracting new shareholders and encouraging existing shareholders to increase their positions.

OTCSHUB is a national investor relations firm that provides comprehensive, customized investor relations services to small and medium-sized public companies. We won’t share your email OTCSHUB is in the investment information business, not selling or renting your email address. We respect your privacy, and we take it very seriously. We won’t share your email address with anyone. OTCSHUB.com does this quickly and efficiently because time is money. micro-cap