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I recently went back and reviewed my trade log after seeing the youtube video you posted a few days ago. I remember that I watched the “Head Fake” video when you first put it out back in April. To my surprise I found that I had executed about 4 trades using the “Head Fake” and in conjunction with the bolinger bands and had 4 winning trades of more than 100 pips each and two were over 200 pip winners. I can’t believe I forgot about this while I was losing money on Robots and other trend systems that have been losing me money here lately. I hoped and prayed that you would post the video again because the last time I can’t believe I did not write down some notes so I couldn’t remember everything and could not get enough info from the you tube video so I was exstatic when you put the video up again so I watched it at least 4 times and took good notes so I now have it safely in my desk drawer (it is a gold mine!!!). I immediately did 3 paper trades last week and had 100 + pip winners with one with over 200 pips. I am currently in 3 trades with one now at over 160 pips just in one day and another at about 40 pips but I expect it to take off here very soon and one that is currently going the wrong way but expect it may turn around but hey nothing is 100% but this is about as close as I have ever come including one system that I paid over $1500 for a year subscription. I can’t wait to see the entire system.
Thank you,

What a testimonial huh? And that’s just regarding the head fake filter…NOT the entire master system…So I’m sure you know what to do… Now ONLY 300 148 Spots are left available…

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