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Hello Tom and Carlos,

Even though I am new to forex (have traded stocks and commodities for several years) I am already taking the information provided by you both, and the TRN’s, support and resistance lines, Daily pivot line and upper and lower ranges and developing my own system that is already proving to be profitable.

What I like the most about the charts (TRN’s, pivots etc) are the high probability set ups with low risk that occur at these points. Let me explain. If prices fall to a key point and bounce and rally off of one of these key areas I look for a retracement from the bounce.

Once I identify a retracement I look for a swing low that does not take out the first low (bottom) off of the key area. Once I can identify a swing low bar I mark the top of the bar that made the swing low. When prices break above the top of that bar I place my buy order and use the fib expansion tool to find my price targets and scale out at these points which many times coincides with a TRN, pivot, Support or resistance.

I place my stop a few pips below the swing low. Sometimes my stop gets hit for a small loss but when the trade works out favorably it more than makes up for the loss with very nice profits. Many times if my stop gets taken out the same set up occurs again on a larger pattern so I take that trade.

In just a few days I have learned so much listening to how Tom views price action. Trading stocks and commodities I was always looking for a sign for price direction of the trend. However looking at price action the way you guys see it has already made a difference in that I don’t really care on price direction but rather look for low risk opportunities at these key areas.

Thanks very much and I look forward to my continuing FX education.

Phil Clelland

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