Develop your own Forex Robot Portfolio risk free in 60 days and make a million in 1 year starting with only $1,000. Know these Candlestick Patterns! Have you seen the famous movie the matrix? In this sci-fi movie there is someone called the Oracle that can see into the future. If there was an Oracle in the forex market don’t you think you would want to know what they see? If you could get the exact points you can enter and exit a trade for maximum gains wouldn’t you use them?

Tom Strignano an Ex-Chief Bank Trader on his proprietary Trend Reactionary Numbers used in his Forex Signal Service: Trend reactionary numbers are what the inner circle also dubbed the Magic numbers.Trend Reactionary Numbers are major turning points in currency markets. I have developed these numbers over the years by working several different Wave Systems. These are my variation of Elliot Wave with defined points. They are based on a Fibonacci Wave count that I developed and are quite accurate. These points float and are always changing I reset them as soon as the Market resets and gives me the signal that a wave pattern has finished. I don’t manufacture these points the Market does. These points are the Trump Card of the whole deck to coin a phrase. I am always looking to work toward these points and see how the market reacts at them.

You can Trade these stand alone as a completely separate system. Markets always move from Euphoria to Dysphoria (everything always moves back to the Middle, as I state in Forex Confidante.) I will Buy these levels as a support with a 35 pip s/l, and also reverse if they fail. I will also sell these as a resistance with a 35 pip s/l and reverse if they fail.

So if we are approaching a down side TRN I will buy it, and see how the Market reacts, If I see it failing I will go short if the market breaks 35 pips below it. I look to go from one TRN to the other. Same on the up side will sell at a TRN and see if it holds, if it breaks above will go long (reverse My position) Looking to move to the next TRN. That’s where the signals come into play; I am taking these trades looking to get long or short, making pips to play the TRNs. I will do a video about this so you all have a clear understanding.

Pivot Points

The Pivot Points are calculated for you on all 10 currency pairs we monitor Pivot points are a formula that is used to calculate where support and resistance levels will occur after a daily bar has closed looking into the future. These points are more important than the one hour momentum levels that are given on the signal. If a buy signal is given, and there is a resistance to the point above we must get through that resistance to the point, and if we do we should see a nice move up towards the upper levels of our momentum. Conversely we need to look at these points to see how the markets reacting at them, if we can’t get through we will want to exit the trade. Is it on a downside trade, we need to get through that pivot point to move to the lower levels of our momentum targets.

Pivot Point/Daily Range/TRN Indicator

We have completed the Daily Range and Pivot Point indicator. This tool, when added to your meta-trader platform, will now draw your Pivot Points, Daily Ranges and TRN (trend reactionary numbers). It will also automatically update these levels for you on a daily basis. This tool is available in member’s login, under the download tab, at the bottom of the page.