Head Fake Filter is incredible. Did you take a look at the Head Fake Filter video? No, see the Head Fake Filter Video.

Tom Strignano is the guy who knows all about currency trading and the currency markets. For 25 years he was the chief currency trader for a number of big banks. Tom has developed a special filter what you know as a technical indicator that he has named as the Head Fake Filter. Head Fake Filter is very special. It is not available in the market. Only Tom has it. He want to tell the story about the Head Fake Filter to you. Here’s the story…”We will definitely sell out of the remaining allowed positions maybe in the next few hours because…

After some of my affiliates saw the amazing results some of the first buyers already are having they begged me to let me offer it to their subscribers and being the nice guy I am I said I shouldn’t shut out any serious minded traders that want this technique… Look at a few recent testimonials already:

Hey Tom,

Just purchased the head fake master system, another excellent tool. Thanks for releasing this system,
I’ve been scanning the charts since watching the videos and can’t believe the amount of quality setups absolutely phenomenal, combined with the pivot calculations this will do serious damage.

I noticed that when you combine the signals with your Catapult for 80 setup’s, its scary how close it calls the intermediate price swings, if you get a head-fake followed by a cat80 or vice versa, its nailing the highs and lows. For me, my main trading systems are now your codex, cat80 + the head fake.

Forgive me for rambling on, but this is dynamite! I just wish id come across your teachings last year when i was starting out.

Thanks Again,

Well the course is now paid for on the first trade this morning going short on the GBP/JPY but I still would like to know how to access the free calculator, the 9th video (it is black), what was meant by $2000 in bonuses please?


As you can see more HAPPY CUSTOMERS and that’s the big thing, is that I know that this is worth 20 times the low price but I’m giving back…But only so many spots…and on a strict NO REFUND policy and there has only been one complaint so far from a whiner…Because I didn’t use arrows in my videos…can you believe this LOSER? I fired him as a customer…He doesn’t deserve systems this incredible! I hope that the video is still up when you get there but I can’t guarantee anything, so move or lose…” Compare Strignanos Forex Signals with Netpicks Forex Signals free for two weeks on your demo account and see the difference.