Discover the High Velocity Market Master System and get your free Ultimate Day Trading System that can trade stocks,forex,futures and options just now as the offer is open for only a few days. Learn about Chris Rowe’s Internal Strength System CRISS a revolutionary stock trading system. This time of year you’re bombarded with sales, holiday specials, coupons, all sorts of discounts, and even free stuff, but it seems there’s always a catch. I just got wind of a total giveaway that has *NO CATCH* seriously! A friend of mine sent me this link for a day trade system. Being a bit of a skeptic scrooge, I immediately started looking for the hidden cost involved, the hoops you may have to jump through to get it, the survey you have to take, etc. I searched and searched and read the fine print, only to find that this is truly a f.reebie! This day trading system is designed for the forex market (and can be applied to other markets). When I say a day trading system, that’s exactly what I mean (not a gimmick report or video training). It’s a real system that will pinpoint exact entries and exits and help you identify and trade the major pairs, all while only spending a few hours a day to see positive results.

The developers bring 13 years experience to the table, from what I’ve seen that experience has paid off and is translated effortlessly to you in this day trading system. Check out this FREE day system! Why pass this up? If you’ve been looking for clear and precise rules that ill indicate when to take a trade and exactly when to get out, this is the simple system that spells it out for you. As with any too good to be true offer, I’m not sure how long this will be around before they put some stipulation on it or make you pay for it. So get it today!

Discover a Forex Trading System with an ROI of 2956.16% per month. This is what Mark McRae says about the latest round of the Surefire Trading Challenge:” If you are anything like me you can’t wait until the holidays. Even though I still have a few weeks to go I think I am psychologically halfway there already. Anyway, in December we start our 7th Surefire Trading Challenge. We have already given entrants $50,200 in cash – they didn’t have to spend a cent or buy a thing, all they did was take part. This is actually our one year anniversary with the competition. December 08 was the very first one, and next month will be one year and over 36 systems and methods that have been awarded cash. We are now at a stage were people have placed more than once. It’s great fun and doesn’t cost anything to enter. In fact, there’s no downside.

– You can trade any market
– You can use any trading platform
– You can enter with a live or demo account

It’s a great way to help with your discipline. Some traders have gone on to trade with me, and others have started a whole career just from this competition. As long as you make at least 10 trades and start with at least $50, you basically qualify. Here’s what you can win:

Real Accounts Awards

1st Place – $5,000
2nd Place – $3,000
3rd Place – $1,000

Demo Accounts Awards

1st Place – $1,000
2nd Place – $600
3rd Place – $300

So there you have it. It’s a fun way to pick up some extra moola. It starts tomorrow but you don’t have to do anything right now but register. That’s all there is to it. Once you register I will keep you updated through December, but nothing happens until the end of December. You can see updates and ask questions here: This is a great way to finish the year. I hope I have a chance to speak with you personally during the competition.”