You may have seen on the news lately either on tv in a paper or on the internet that the Royal Mint accidentally printed some 20p coins on which the new design combined with human error had resulted in no date appearing on the coin anywhere.

These coins are called ‘mules’ (probably a reference to the mule being a mix of horse and donkey) because they have one side which has the correct design on and one side which has the wrong design on, in this case the ‘heads’ side should have the date on it and indeed does on all new 20ps now being printed.

These coins were immediately recognised as being very rare (according to the BBC there has not been a coin in the UK with no date for over 300 years) and very valuable. The London Mint Office put up a website immediately offering to pay £50 for any undated coins sent in to them.

Since they did this people have started trading these coins on ebay with some reaching prices of up to £400 according to The Times. In addition certain unscrupulous people have used the situation to take advantage of people’s natural greed and offer coins with, for example, ‘no date on heads side’ (which is only worth the face value of 20p) for massive sums of money. Watch out for this scam!

This has resulted in people going insane searching every available source of 20p pieces looking for these expensive coins. There have been tales in newspapers and on tv of people who work in any industry which handles coins on a regular basis spending hours going through bag after bag of 20p pieces trying to find they lucky win.

If you have one of these undated 20p pieces then you have a few options on what to do with it in order to increase your income from it.

* Sell to ‘The London Mint Office’. These guys are offering £50 straight up, straight away for one of these coins.
* Sell it on ebay. A slightly riskier option however you can set your reserve and can always sell it to ‘The London Mint Office’ if no-one will pay higher on ebay. Prices reported in The Times have been as high as £400
* Hold on to it. These coins are probably going to rise in price over time (as most collectables do). However there is a hype and buzz about these right now which may mean you won’t get prices so huge for a good few years.

For more independent information please feel free to visit for a wealth of facts about how to identify these coins and much more. Happy hunting…!

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