While you should attempt to maximize the potential of each business, you should start by
spreading your income base quickly by setting up 4-5 small online businesses and focus
on maximizing them later. With public domain, this approach is quite easy and is very

You can pick several public domain works, create different products for each of them and
after you have set up their individual websites, return to improve and diversify each
website. This will allow you to both generate multiple income streams and then maximize
the income potential of each stream within a short period of time.

So many people think of the public domain for starting a new business that they forget the
strongest benefit of using the public domain – instant content. If you already have a
business that can use supplementary content – search the public domain for possible
content. Not only can such new content be used to increase your AdSense income but it
can also ‘sell’ your other products and services by building your business reputation as an

Of course, it’s not always possible to find relevant content (information on the latest
microprocessor technology is unlikely to be in the public domain), but there are many
niches (dream interpretation is just one example) that have more or less timeless appeal.
If you operate a business that works in ‘timeless’ niches (a quick list is given later in this
chapter), the public domain can become a far better resource than any ghostwriter you can
ever hire!

In any Internet Marketing basics course, the point is made time and time again that you
should choose your first business from within your own interests. Logic says that people
share hobbies and interests, and if there are enough people like you searching for
information on these interests, you stand to make some serious money.

This advice is both good and bad. While it is helpful to start a first business in a niche that
is your interest, it’s often the case that these niches are not very profitable – there might be
too much competition or not enough demand (or just not a ‘buying’ market).

On the other hand, hobbies such as bowling, playing poker, crochet patterns or even
architecture are excellent avenues for starting small public-domain-supported business
sites. By using public domain works that outline everything from playing tips to history and
immediately usable information (recipes for chocolate chip cookies, anyone?), you can
carve your own little niche and not only build yet another income stream, but enjoy yourself
while doing it as well.

The point is that you should assess your current resources – your business and your
hobbies – to see how the public domain can bring in new income for you.

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