Learn this 10 minute a day Swing Trading strategy. Try these cash printing Forex Signals from heaven and know the secret fo the 7 Bridges. Download your Forex Scalping Cheatsheets just now! Have you ever thought of how to use the Tokyo Channel in forex trading or the natural flow of the market concept in your trading? No, I thought so. You will have to attend this webinar to know about these methods of forex trading. Craig Harris was a construction worker who worked on his own and learned forex trading. Now daily he makes something like 40+ pips a day.This is what the FX Compass Team has to say about the upcoming Craig Harris Forex Trading Webinar: Wow, no surprise… the emails continue to come in asking, “When is Craig going to do another LIVE webinar?? Well, Craig Harris will join us this coming Monday evening November 9th 2009 @ 8:00 pm Eastern for a LIVE webinar. Make sure you grab your seat, you know the past two have been full…Monday night he will focus on the sessions, the swings and understanding how important the daily ranges are.

Craig has agreed to join us for another LIVE webinar. Many traders are learning “The Natural Flow of the Market” and want to hear every last detail he reveals and want him to give them every super secret he knows about trading.

Here is one secret that you will truly appreciate about how Craig trades… He uses the KISS method and when you grasp what he reveals you understand that his method and his rules truly KEEP IT SUPER SIMPLE!!

Have you asked yourself, what is your reason for trading??

Are you holding yourself back??

Are you willing to do what it takes to become a successful trader??

Are you consistently making 40 pips per day??

Well Craig is willing to share how he uses “The Natural Flow of the Market” and shows you exactly what he looks at to consistently pull pips out of the market.

If you have seen Craig’s previous webinars you know how much he shares, well Monday night will once again be new…

Craig has talked about “The Natural Flow of the Market”, “The Tokyo Channel, and “Your Forex Future.

Every time he speaks you learn a little more or it just may be that the light bulb comes on.

If you have not gone through his gratis training videos you it owe your trading future the time to understand how he sees the market.

Also, watch the Part 1 and Part 2 replays as well.

Okay, don’t delay get signed up right now. Craig has agreed to give us more of his valuable trading time and we do not know when he will be back again. See you Monday night!! Here are the links to Craig if you do not know what or who we are talking about.