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Tuesday evening (12/29)
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The 3 videos series has explained and demonstrated the power of knowing the markets’ bias on a long, intermediate and short-term basis. Tuesday’s Calendar Range Trading course will give you specific strategies with entry and exit rules to execute on this knowledge!
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Here Are Lots of Examples!
Prior emails and videos have promised that I’d look at the “Double X” Calendar Range strategy for individual stocks so video #3 does that and a lot more….In addition to specific stock requests, I’ve received lots of emails questioning other markets like:

– Commodities
– Forex
– Foreign Markets

So this video touches on these markets too! The Calendar Ranges’ ability to handle diverse stocks and markets shows off the robust foundation on which it’s based – human nature!

Your Trading Is Easier When You Have An Edge.
Regardless of which markets you trade… When you have a reliable way to know whether the market will have a bullish or bearish bias you have an edge, and…Your trading will be easier and more profitable. Calendar Ranges give you the trading edge you need – you know the market’s bias!

You can even get this trading edge risk-free.
By attending the RISK-FREE online course in the evening of December 29th you’ll get:
• The Double X trading strategy that you’ve seen keep you on the right side of the markets’ trend in the videos and in the images above
• Methods for determining the market’s Long, Intermediate, and Short- term market bias that will improve your entries and exits.
• How to identify the most powerful consolidation patterns on daily chart
• The two specific months that define market conditions for months (maybe years) ahead
• Trading strategies with specific entry and exit criteria for day traders and swing traders
• The ability to see trends and turning points in the charts that you will not find anywhere else
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We Want You To Succeed – So We Created the Follow Up Class!

The Calendar Ranges course actually includes 2 training sessions. The first one is on December 29th, and then the second, “Follow Up Class”, is on January 14th. This second training session enables you to use what you have learned for two weeks, and then return to class where we will answer any questions you have, review the markets that have been moving, and look forward to opportunities we see developing! So, watch video #3 to see how powerfully just one of the Calendar Ranges methodologies (the “Double X”) works in various types of stocks and markets. Then register for next Tuesday’s Trading Calendar Ranges course so we can show you exactly how to use the Calendar Ranges to improve your trading!
You’ll also get complete recordings of both class sessions, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything live, and you can review the material as often as you wish.