If you are an American citizen each time you apply for a loan or plan a home, car, land purchase the first thing that is checked by financial institutions is your credit score. This helps lenders to make a decision regarding your creditworthiness. All the potential customers credit scores are checked with the help of this standard procedure.

Your credit score, a three digit number, also known as FICO score was developed by Fair Isaac in 1970. special formulas are applied to obtain a credit score which has become the main decision tool for banks and other financial institutions that judge a loan applicant trustworthiness. The higher your credit score is the more chances you have to obtain a loan, because it cuts the credit risk.

Usually credit score ranges from 350 to 850. Overall, there are eight categories are each category helps to understand an individual credit health. Your credit score can be classified as excellent (above 770), good (700 to 770), fair, bad (anything below 550 score).

To keep your score on high level you need pay special attention to all your bills, check your credit report for accuracy at least once in every twelve months. By law you can obtain your credit report for free annually. This is a convenient service with the help of which American consumers can monitor their credit reports, eliminate erroneous information on time and even detect fraudulent activity.

If you have found that your score is low it is not the end of the world. Of cause it is problematic to sign up for a credit card or apply for a loan, however you can improve your score on your own. Even if you have low credit score there are various options available for you to get an unsecured card. Using the card you may have to pay higher interest rates but this will rebuild your score if you used your card widely.

Consumers with a secured credit card can improve their credit scores and get an unsecured card. If you have a bad credit you need to place a deposit on the card. This may be a percentage or the total card value. The deposit can be smaller if you manage to maintain a good payment history. Don’t forget to make payments on time, such regular payments are very important when you are going to improve your credit score.

If your score is not good and needs improvement there are certain steps you need to take. Start with the problem acknowledge, get your credit report and score and develop a plan, stick to your plan and control the progress. This will take time, but you may be sure that all your efforts will be rewarded in the end of all.

In everyday life we can find many examples how good knowledge applied properly can save you from big problems. With credit score this is also the case. With free credit score info in your hands you can act accordingly.

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