Get the Ultimate Swing Trading Software FREE. Learn a 10 minutes a day swing trading strategy that works for forex, stocks, futures and options. So what do you guys think about this 10 minute strategy? Judging by how many of you missed the swing trading question on the Forex Genius quiz (and hey, I missed it too!), I bet alot of you are pretty curious. Their way is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Set your trades in the evening
2. Go to bed (very important)
3. Wake up to adjust. And you’re done.

The whole process could literally take 10 minutes and it’s much less stress than sitting there all morning, noon and night day trading the Forex (and stocks, options and futures, too). Just check out this video…Check how they did it here:

Get even more information on this method on Wednesday, January 20th at 12pm EST U.S. (New York Time) / 9am PST / 5:00 GMT. Reserve your spot! How will you spend all that extra time if you’re just trading 10 minutes a day?! Attend the webinar to see how you can make it happen!

If you can read an email, you can print cash with this Strignano’s Forex Signal Service and learn how to trade like pros from Tom Strignano-an EX CHIEF BANK TRADER. One new member made a cool $15,000 in just under 24 hours. Learn Commodity Trading! I have published several new reviews. Forex Nuke is one of them. This robot looks promising to me so far and here is my review. Forex Nuke is a clone product of Forex Phantom. Both EAs have the same code but the vendors co-exist in peace. Seems they both bought the same code from one source programmer and redistribute it. The Forex Nuke robot trades EURUSD M15 based on Moving Averages and Commodity Channel Index indicators.
The backtest looks very consistent for 2007-2010 years. Take a look:

The main disadvantage – the robot trades only one pair and does not trade often. It can sit and wait for trades for many weeks without any trading activity at all.
Forex Nuke comes with full money back clickbank guarantee plus they provide a set of bonus indicators and videos. Vendor’s website also contains complete backtest results and a forward test as well. My opinion – Forex Nuke is one of the rare good EAs that you can add to your trading portfolio in 2010.

FxSpyder Introduces It’s Free Forex Robots Program

If you are currently exploring or have ever considered an entry into automated forex trading, you will undoubtedly find FxSpyder’s new robots program extremely attractive. Why? Because you will never pay anything to use them. That’s right. Unrestricted access and hands-on experience working with a growing inventory of forex robots and you’ll never have to pay a penny to play with them or to use them in conjunction with a qualifying live trading account. It’s a simple process.

1. Register for a demo account.
2. Download them.
3. Backtest them.
4. Forward test them in demo mode.
5. Like the results you see, continue to use them in conjunction with your live trading account.

And that’s not all. If you don’t like the results you see, if you want to tweak an existing robot to incorporate an additional indicator, or have an idea for a robot of your own our development team will help you design it. Got questions? Visit our Trader FAQ! You can try this program.