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Peter O Hi Karl,
Just finished my second trade with your 100 PIP system…..Made 100 pip’s each time… Thank you for sharing this with us….I think it has tremendous potential! I love the risk/reward and its easy to implement. I realize we won’t make 100 pip’s all the time but the fact that it locks in profit along the way is key! Thanks again and keep up the good work! Pete

Keith H KARL I have introduced my friend to your 100 Pips Set and Forget and we are working on this together. My friend is Wayne P and after he saw my first day results and then the second day he ordered your program.
He was more than EXTREMELY doubtful before he actually saw what I was profiting.(Demo Account) He is more than happy and so am I .Thank you sincerely. Keith H

You will be excited to read this:
From: Jodie CTo:
Sent: Friday, July 02, 2010 6:39 AM Subject: RE: 100 Pips daily set and forget
Hi Karl,
2nd Day- Success!
I used the xxxx/xxxx pair- hit 1st and 2nd profit target and again closed out 3rd once market turned. 8% profit today.
I can’t thank you enough- things are looking great and you’ve given me my life back!
Jodie 🙂

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