Watch these Stock Market Mastery Training Video that shows 4 sneaky stock market tricks. Read these Trade The Banks Special FREE Report Series that shows how to legally spy on the big bank trades and know what stocks to exactly buy and sell. Watch this weird 30 minutes Stock Trading video just now! Bill Poulos: If you missed this yesterday, you need to see it now..especially the part about “market action & price movement”.This unique stock market training video I recorded teaches you about the 4 “sneaky” ways I discovered to spot points on almost any stock chart that UP THE ODDS every time you place a trade…while at the same time PROTECTING your portfolio from needless risk.

Why are they so sneaky? You’re about to find out! (I will keep this training video online for at least a few more days, so you can watch it right now.) Here’s the direct page to see it…Now, you may be thinking “there’s not going to be anything really ‘new’ in this video, Bill!”

…WRONG! You’re probably also wondering just what really IS in this video. Here are a few of the comments people posted on my training website after they watched it:

* I have been a follower over the years and have always found your teachings to be consistently truthful and spot on. With me, it takes a few different ways of getting a point across for it to sink in and be learnt and you have the ability to do this with me Bill. You have succeeded again
* I found your presentation to be very informative, especially the buy and sell points, knowing when to get in and out the market whether is up, down or trending sideways.
* Interesting, quick mind, precisely to the point and easy to understand!

And now you can agree these unique strategies probably make a LOT of sense if you’re looking for a safer, quicker way to spot PROFIT POTENTIAL in the stock market, ESPECIALLY if it “drops like a rock”. Just tap here to watch this training video now…Enjoy the video and let me know what you think, especially about my comments around “market action & price movement”. Make sure you watch it over twice… were you surprised? Not a stock trader? Watch the video anyway, because 90% of what I teach applies to other markets like Forex. I’m working on a follow-up training video to this one that I’ll send you as soon as it’s ready!

Norman here from The Disciplined Trader Intensive Program: Apparently you liked what you saw. Thank you for the kind emails thanking me for sending you to Bill’s video on Profit Pockets (and interesting high probability, low risk trading technique … actually 4 of them). To honor your request to see more, Bill has put together another short video the “dissects” some of the trade examples in the last video.

(PLUS, it shows you how he uses his “Fast Filter” technique to quickly help select only the best stocks to consider on a daily basis.) … Further, I just talked to Bill and he’s working on some great materials for an interactive online training session he’s going to be holding next Tuesday. He’ll be showing you his thought process as he trades each of the 4 methods against the “hard right edge”,where you don’t know what the next day will bring. (Plus a lot more.) That’s it for now.