Download this 1 Minute Forex Trading System FREE. Try Forex Trading Scalper that made 738% NET PROFIT for Joseph Taylor with minimal risk. Get this award winning Forex Trading System that made 1.306.50% PM FREE. Is it just me or are all the guys in Forex starting to sound like car salesmen? Maybe you walk in to the showroom to take a peak and he says “What can I do to put you in this car today!” They give you these really cheesy lines and it’s just hard to trust a guy when he tells you something works if it’s ultimately putting money in his pocket just for saying the words.

Forex isn’t for traders anymore, its for guys to sell you stuff. The Kings of the Internet see a mark and they go for them. You want something and they want to find something to sell you, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work…the only difference between them and car salesmen is that you have to have a driver’s license to buy a car…the Forex guy will sell you something even if you think pips are the seeds in your breakfast every morning.

What you can take all the way to the bank though, is a veteran trader who puts his system up on a forum for everyone to see just because he wants to help out his friends…so much so that he talks to them and helps them purely because he wants them to succeed…no other reason.

If you’re going to write back and tell me that no such guy exists, I want you to go here and listen to this interview with Alan DeWett. I didn’t tell you about this till now because I wanted to see where it was going, but if you go to this link right now, you’re going to find…aside from the interview I just mentioned, 4 other videos with information so valuable you should be paying for it…but it’s yours, just like that.

If you’ve been in the Forex world for more than a few weeks, you’ve heard of Mark McRae. This guy has been one of the staples in Forex education for longer than I can remember and his style is not to give you a fish…it’s to teach you to make a net and use a trawler.

Bottom line, this stuff is gold and they’re taking it down in a few days so I really thought you should check it out while you can. They’re not asking you to do anything so you’ve got nothing to lose, just go have a look:

You know as well as I do that this kind of stuff doesn’t come along every day and I know that Mark is building up to something…he doesn’t come out of his club for just anything. His close knit group of traders are some of the best out there and to see this behind the scenes content is just unmissable!

That trading session with Ty is particularly good, it’s the fourth video from the left! I also like the second video, some really good trading going on in that one. Heck just watch em all, it’s all good stuff!