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BFHJ News:

June 7 – Beneficial Holdings Announces Pre-Online Casino Launch Media Campaign

Beneficial Holdings Inc. (OTC: BFHJ), a gaming and hospitality ownership-management company announced that it will embark on a mass media campaign announcing the launch of their new online poker-casino site. The campaign will focus on European, Asian, Canadian, and Latin American markets in order to comply with all international and domestic gaming laws.

The Company expects to go live by month’s end and recognizes the competitive nature of the online gaming industry, thus management’s decision to mass market the pre-launch.

The Company will market cross media via radio, print, cable, direct marketing, and internet with consumer related incentives and bonuses. The Company will mass mail disks that enable potential players to access its proprietary gaming software. These disks will also include many consumer friendly incentives and other yet to be determined prizes and bonuses per all applicable laws.

“We expect to become a major force within the very lucrative online poker and gaming industry rivaling some of the biggest and most respected online gaming sites such as PartyGaming PLC, William Hill Company, Bodog, and Ladbrokes. The Company will follow all domestic and international gaming laws at all times and expects nothing less than total success,” said Alex Papic, Vice President.

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