There are tons of people out there who are looking for a simple investment opportunity. Many of these people (me included) would like an easier way to invest in the stock market, or commodities market. I don’t think people are afraid to do the required research, I think that people get turned off by the complexity that reveals itself when actually trying to buy stock in a company. Sure it is doable, but most people are thinking relatively small scale, and the commissions that a are involved in any single trade can easily outweigh the profits. If someone wants to invest $100, your going to lose at least $10-20 in commissions with the purchase, and sale of the stocks. While doing the proper research can lead to a more secure investment, you still have no way of knowing how much you stand to gain, or lose. You also never know how long to hang on to a stock. This doesn’t sound like a simple investment to me.

This is where binary options come in. These can truly be considered a simple investment. How does no commission sound? How about very low minimum investments? As low as $30! How about knowing exactly what you stand to gain, or lose before you make the investment? What about returns on investment between 65 and 81%? How about all of that in less than an hour? Sound like a simple investment? Sure does.

Binary options have not been available in the U.S. for very long. The SEC approved listing them in May of 2008. They are an exotic form of option. Underlying assets can be stocks, commodities, currencies, or entire indices. They work in a similar way to vanilla options, but with some very key differences. When you purchase a binary option, it can be a call, or put option just like any other option. If you expire “in the money” you will receive the returns that are determined before you make the investment. An “out of the money” option will return 0-15% of the original investment.

This is a simple investment because you are basically betting on the underlying asset. If you purchase a call option, you are betting that the asset will expire above the level it is at when you purchased the option. A put option must expire below that level to pay off. The great thing is that they are very short term. You can buy an option that expires within one hour! Think about it. You could receive an 81% return on investment in less than an hour!

It is a simple investment, but not one that should be taken lightly. There are still the same risks as with any investment, and the possibility to lose the entire investment in an hour. With the right research, you can make a simple investment, and see quick returns. You don’t have to invest a fortune, and anyone can do it!

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