Some investigators of the scientific approaches to the stock market business determined that the theory of stock market gambling organization belonging Charles Dow is the most accepted among the list of other ways to deal with the analyzing the stock market gambling. Speaking about the work of Charles Dow, we have to underline the value of his observing.

In middle 18s, he published his noting about the stock market in the popular publication. It is valuable to think a little bit about the stock exchange gambling business. The most popular way that makes the people to bother about the work of the Charles Dow is the fact that he determines three major phases of the successful speculations of the stock exchange. We are going to call them in the following way: the phase of accumulation, the public participation phrase and the phase of the distribution.

Nevertheless, it is valuable to know some important facts about each of these phases. Moreover, you should be accounted with the fact that the phase of accumulation. Accordingly, to the determining of the Dow Theory, the phase of the accumulation is the initial step in the gambling niche of business. It is the stage of observing. Moreover, you have to be accounted with the fact that the investors while the definite stage are observing the possibilities of variety companies and analyze the ways to buy the shares with the low prices. While the stage of accumulation, you might be informed with the fact that the prices of shares has the possibility to wave.

They are absolutely swing. If we sum everything up, we would able to notice that the investors at the accumulation stage discover the potencies and abilities of the stock market and its cooperative companies as well. Therefore, we are going to proceed to the next phrase of the Dow Theory, that people commonly call the public participation. It is significant to remember that the definite phase of the gambling process is the definite stage where the bulk of the coasts movement occurs. That is why, you must be very attentive while the definite stage of gambling process as well. It goes without hesitation that in this time begins to raise the public confidence of the shares.

Accordingly, much more people start to place their funds in the trade. The price of the confidence depends on the coasts of the shares. However, all the processes at the stock market gambling process are mutually bounded. It is very hard to resist the definite fact. The third phrase of the stock market that Dow determined is greatly significant too is the distribution. It is evident that the investors that began the move of the accumulating their positions are first to the move and start distributing their positions.

The beauty of the stock market is that it is multifunctional. Even the people who think about retirement investing consider the investments into the stocks to be a great investment tool.

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