Are you looking for a great income from home? Forex trading may be for you. Learning the basics is as easy as 1-2-3; you just need to become skilled at the fundamentals of the currency markets. You can familiarize yourself with chart patterns that reflect the most feasible future market movement without too much trouble. The two basic types of trading are known as trend-following and range-trading. The corresponding patterns should be classified accordingly.

BetonMarkets is one platform where traders can learn with reduced risk. Once you sign up, you are given the opportunity to choose between two accounts. For beginners, it is best to open a Virtual Account first. This account can be played for free where a new trader can have the chance to get used to the rules and functionalities of the website prior to depositing real money. When you are ready, you can advance to opening a Real Money Account. This is how you can ease your way to real forex trading. Limits in funds that can be deposited are from 5.00 up to $150,000.00, in currencies of Euros, Pounds, and Dollars.

The variety of wagers you can use on BetonMarkets depend on time, price barriers, and ranges. The four main wager types are Double Bets, Expiry Bets, Boundary Bets, and Stop Bets. Within these main wager types are several sub-categories.

Under Double Bets are: Flash Up, Intraday, Super Double and Double Up.

Under expiry bets are: Bull/Bear, Expiry Range and

Expiry Miss.

Under Boundary Bets are: One Touch, No Touch, Range, Double Touch, Up or Down and Double Contra.
Under Stop Bets are: Bull stop and Bear Stop.
Financial freedom can be achieved by mastering the different strategies that Forex traders use. One key tool is the use of leverage, which permits the investor to maximize benefits when short term market moves occur. In the begging you will need to learn the other basic tools of the trade, such as:

o The automatic entry order where traders with their desired price enter the forex market.
o The stop loss order to minimize risk.
o Proper position sizing to balance risk against desired returns

You can learn various strategies which you can use at BetonMarkets online. Perhaps you should actively participate in different forex forums, where many traders share success stories and warn about traps.
Success comes for those who seek and take action. Bear in mind that the majority of people who are willing to participate in forex trading for the most part have no prior training – but they are willing to learn and excel in the field they have chosen to invest in. If you are really serious, then you should begin now by formulating your own tactics. Be loyal to your methodology. You should continuously develop and familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of trading. Learning to discipline yourself through winning and losing dilemmas, in due course will enhance your skills.

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