First I’d like to clear to something up for all my regular readers. It may seem like I’m very quick to call every MLM program out there a scam and the actual truth is that most programs that I have researched are in fact, scams. What do I consider a scam? Well they don’t have to steal your credit card and they don’t have to hack your bank accounts password to be a scam in my book. Here is my definition of a scam –

scam – noun,verb – A business, company or individual that leads others to believe they will receive compensation in exchange for money, goods or services but never have any intention of giving that compensation.

What Is The Goal Of And What Do They Offer?

Over the past couple months I’ve been following and now it seems that others are trying to imitate their success. The newest site I’ve found is In my opinion the main goal of is to get massive amounts of traffic and acquire a large user base and seems to be trying to do the same thing. Their offer is very similar to with generous rewards of $100 to sign up, $10 per referral, and $1 per second  tier referral. They also offer the ability to double that income by “upgrading” your account by buying their marketing ebook for $9.95. Also like your balance won’t be available until a future date, in this case after Christmas and only after you accrue a certain amount of funds.

What’s The Difference Between And

They are subtle differences between the programs. First of all states very clearly that users are paid in US dollars. Also unlike, supposedly offers pay-per-click ads, article submission service and the ability to earn points by signing up for offers from advertisers. According to the points can then be exchanged for cash after a certain amount of time and the ratio is 10 points equals $1. This virtual currency system is nothing new and I’ve seen it many times with online games like mafia wars. However, this is the first time I’ve seen it where points can be exchanged for cash.

I Think Is Hard To Believe In

As much as I’d like to believe that these companies will deliver what they promise, I have a lot of trouble with The site has many problems with the code, navigation is difficult and there are many dead pages. The terms and conditions on are better and give you more rights than’s however the English is broken in several places. Remember how I said was trying to copy, we’ll take a look at how looks now – 6pck Now. Now look at the screen capture I took of Google’s cached version of how the page looked on October 3rd – Scam? Google Cache of Home Page

Google Cached Index Page

When making it looks like they copied and pasted the front page of I guess they decided that starting a payment processing company had already been done and then it was switched to a “get paid to” style site.

What Do You Have To Lose With

Just like, is free to sign up for, so I guess you have nothing to lose. Except I don’t trust people promoting this type of program and I wouldn’t recommend it to my friends and family. I also think it’s a waste of your time, traffic and maybe traffic exchange credits to use on this type of “business”. Just like, I think is a scam to try to push as much traffic to their domain as possible.

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