Get this Forex Swing Trading FOREX-4 PACK End of Day Trading Training Kit FREE. Download this 1 Minute Forex Trading System FREE. Read the story of Richard Samuels, a post office mailman with a head injury and how he made a fortune with these Neutrino Forex Signals! Your Forex “sneak peek” website…day-by-day Forex “trade diaries”?! High probability Forex trades are now setting up…Here’s the scoop…TOMORROW, on Monday, March 8th, 2010, the doors finally open to 35+ year market veteran Bill Poulos’s brand new “end-of-day” Forex group coaching program. As is par for the course with Bill’s releases, he’s limited the number of new students he lets in to the program. So to further help “weed out” the tire-kickers, Bill just released a TON of extra Forex training materials that he put on a special Member’s Website Preview for you. Here are just a few of the goodies you’ll get on the preview site, beginning TODAY:

** Preview access to his PIP FEEDER service where you can get daily lists of the Forex pairs that have met his rigorous trade alert criteria. In fact, these are Forex pairs tha have a high probability of entering into potentially profitable positions any day now. He’ll eventually be charging $197/mo for this service, but you can see a sneak peek for a few days.

** The “Pip Vault”, which contains actual Forex trade example “screen capture” videos, so you can see exactly how you can trade in less then 20 minutes a night.

** Day-by-day “trade diaries” that show you the trading decisions Bill has been making each night on some really great trades (you’ll also see a trade that’s not really going anywhere yet, and how he manages that situation).

** Previews of the actual CD-ROMs that ship with the course so you can see exactly the type of material that’s on them.

** and a TON more…This may be the best complimentary Forex education you’ll EVER receive…This complimentary preview access will be expiring in a few days, and likely taken offline, so I urge you to get in now while you can if you have any interest learning how to dramatically up your “pip potential” while saving hours a day at the same time. Norman Hallett from The Disciplined Trader Intensive Program: Since the opening of Bill Poulos’s “Forex Profit Accelerator” which now includes Group Coaching at no extra charge, I thought… Wouldn’t it be valuable to see one of these Coaching sessions in action? Well here’s a 9-minute clip of an actual live group…Remember that Bill’s product offering fills fast, so if this looks good for you, take your shot and join (he’s got a solid no-risk guarantee).

It looks like Bill’s member’s website preview is still open, too, where you can pick up some extra complimentary bonus video training, and also get access to his “Pip Feeder” service. I anticipate he’ll pull this offline to coincide with the closing of his program next Tuesday, so make sure you check it out here:

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