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Mark Soberman, President of Netpicks Trading: So, say you’ve mastered a system already (mine or someone else’s). You know the in’s and out’s and for the most part, are seeing some good success. But as a trader, there’s always room for improvement. Well, instead of automatically switching to yet another new system that might give you a tenth of a percentage higher win rate than your current system, why not create some custom indicators on your existing one?

Building your own custom indicators are not only cost-effective but also easier than you think! (Especially when you’re facing another thousand-dollar upfront commitment and literally weeks of learning new software.) In this no cost educational webinar, we’re going to teach you exactly how to get started on building your own indicators within the TradeStation charting platform.

Specifically, we’ll be covering:

=== >> Basic TradeStation functions & syntax

=== >> Built-in TradeStation templates for coding a simple program

=== >> Advanced TradeStation resources to build more complex programs

Even if you’re not quite ready to program your own indicators, it’s a great way to familiarize yourself with the TradeStation platform and its full range of capabilities. Either way, it won’t cost you a thing and it’s totally informational (aka: no sales pitch, and no we’re not compensated by TradeStation whatsoever) so register right now for your login details:

Date: Monday, May 3rd (this coming Monday!)
Time: 4pm EDT (New York Time)
Place: Online Webinar Register:

Hope to see you there! If you can’t make it live, no worries – I’m planning to record the entire tutorial. Register right now to receive the recording: Don’t use TradeStation but know someone else who is? Forward this along! The more the merrier.

Hey, I just cleared out all the errors and duplicate orders from last week’s release of the Ultimate Trade Analyzer and now have a few copies up for grabs. Want one? These will go quickly, especially since this past release was the official debut. If you caught any of my previous tutorials, you’ll know that this kick-butt tool is simply put, a must-have for any serious trader, beginner or advanced. Check out what current owners are saying about the UTA:

[14:23] Roger McCleary: Thanks guys, my generation rarely says “awesome!” but I will now.
[14:11] Tim Broder: this is incredible
[14:11] Keith McKenzie: WOW Good stuff
[14:12] David Cooke: Fantastic work – i’m blown away

Pretty good, huh? We think so. And even though I can’t do another full-out release for awhile, I do have 13 Ultimate Trade Analyzer copies available to the quickest that can get to the signup page first. Don’t procrastinate (like I *know* you want to)… these’ll be gone in a flash so steal your copy right now: The next time I can come back out with a complete release will be AT LEAST a few months. If you can’t wait that long (and really, you shouldn’t), go now to get started! Here’s more feedback from our current UTA owners…

[14:19] Brett Kenestrick: this will track just about everything you need to track and more
[14:20] Richard Butnik: Sell it to the US Gov to retire the Debt
[14:23] Mona Rothstein: This was awesome. Thank you.
[14:22] Peter Doucet: Unreal