Discover Forex Magic Bullet! First practice on your Forex Demo Account and double it three times in a row before you think about trading live. Master these Candlestick Patterns with this 82 page FREE PDF Candlestick Guide! This candlestick guide is a complimentary gift from the Options University. Bullish necklines candlestick pattern is a two stick trend confirming pattern. When this pattern appears during the uptrend, it is a signal that the uptrend is still in force and is expected to continue for sometime in the future. Now, there are two type of neckline patterns, the in neck and the out neck pattern.

The candle formed on the setup day should be a long bullish candle that shows a lot of buying. On the signal day a bearish candle either long or short is formed with its closing price very near the close of the setup day.

If the closing price on the second day is very near the closing price on the first day, the neckline candlestick pattern formed is known as the on neck pattern. If the closing price on the setup day is a little lower than the closing price on the second day, it is known as in neck pattern.

Not much of a difference but you should nevertheless know this difference. Both on neck and in neck pattern tell the same story, so even if you are not able of distinguish between them, doesn’t make much of a difference. When this pattern appears in an uptrend, it means that the uptrend will continue in the future.

In case of the bearish meeting line candlestick pattern, you see a strong up day on the setup day with a long bullish candle. On the signal day, you find a gap opening which entices the sellers to step in the market. The selling continues throughout the day. As a result a long bearish candle is formed with the close of the day very near its low plus the close of the day very near to the close of the setup day. Now this a trend reversal pattern.

In case of the bearish piercing line candlestick pattern, the setup day is bullish with long bullish candle. The signal day is bearish with an opening higher than the setup days high. What this means is that on the signal day sellers came rushing in, pushing prices down through the setup days opening price and below its midpoint.

This is a trend reversal pattern that usually occurs in the last stages of an uptrend. The price is still rising but it has lost its momentum. Now as a trader, when you combine these candlestick patterns with technical indicators, you get a powerful tool in your arsenal.