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Attend this webinar and you’ll learn these vital principles from Steve Nison himself. He’s the guy who brought candlesticks to Western traders. And he’s an expert at showing how to combine candles with technical indicators for spotting reversals. In other words, Steve is THE EXPERT when it comes to candle charts. As my guest, there is no cost to attend this webinar. Seats are limited, so claim yours now:

DATE: Wednesday, January 20th
TIME: 8:30pm Eastern
LENGTH: Approximately 45 minutes

Full information about this no-cost webinar is available here…I look forward to having you join us! This is what Bill Poulos says: Are you still only using old-fashioned bar charts in your trading? While bar charts have their place, many of the world’s top traders use CANDLESTICK charts every day to help them spot the next big market moves. Do you know how? Join me this Thursday for a very special webinar training session with the ‘Godfather’ of candlestick trading, Steve Nison. Steve was the first to reveal the startling strength of candle charts to the Western world and is the foremost expert on the subject. Candlesticks are a powerful complement to all the strategies you have learned from us, plus you’ll discover how candlestick charts help pinpoint reversal points long before they became obvious to others.

There’s literally no one else around that has studied candlestick charts as thoroughly as Steve Nison. And there’s no one better than Steve to show you how to use candlesticks to maximize your gains and avoid bad trades. Just some of the topics in this special Webinar include:
 Steve’s latest tricks and tips on using candle charts in
the markets so you can catch the early reversal signals.

 Discover how candles enhance and complement Western
charting techniques for your one-two punch for successful

 See how to avoid some of the most common misuses of
candles that could cost you.

 Participate in live Q and A charts to refine and reinforce
your trading skills and help you become rock-solid
Steve agreed to also give some special bonuses out, just for joining us!

BONUS #1: Steve Reveals his all time, most important trading rule. You should not attempt a trade without this. This one rule alone is worth attending this webinar.

BONUS #2: Get Steve’s outlook on the current markets.