It is necessary to remember that stock exchange is some sort of entity that deals in security. Besides, there are registered members who usually transact business on behalf of their clients. What is more, all of those who are actively involved in stock market have to be aware of the peculiarities of the process.

There is always some clearing and also settlement process in the stock market. Clearing and settlement activity are believed to constitute the main part of the stock market functioning. As soon as the equity is confirmed deal broker has to tell about particular contract note to the investor. In most of the cases all of the investors are aware of all of the details about the transactions. Besides, the investor is also required to settle his obligation and as a result pay some money.

In most of the cases the settlement of equities happens through the entity of the stock shares that is called the clearing house. All of the brokers perform some sort of the transactions and usually all of the details become available to the clearing house by the stock exchange. After that all of the brokers and custodians get the necessary reports and after that they have to settle their money with headlines. In case they are failing then they will be required to pay some penalties. In most of the cases obligation report is some sort of the statement between the investor and broker.

All of the equities are traded in the exchange market during the cycle period. The type of cycle depends on the particular stock market. For example, the cycle for the Indian stock starts on Wednesday and ends on the following Tuesday. Usually, at the end of the cycle period it is necessary to calculate all of the obligations of each broker and after that the necessary obligations are settled according to guidelines, different laws and regulations.

It is also necessary to bring money and securities to the clearing house and this process is called pay-in. It is considered to be the first phase of the settlement activity. After that the second phase that is called pay-out begins. During that period brokers and custodians are paid money by clearing house. In that case all of the transactions are performed by the bank that is situated in the stock exchange premises. This bank is appointed to handle all of the transactions.

However, the above mentioned information is mostly about Indian stock market. The process differs depending on the country, but the basic fundamentals remain the same. In case you are interested in getting more information concerning the peculiarities of stock exchange functioning then you are recommended to conduct the research in the internet. There are a lot of articles that are devoted to that topic.

The beauty of the stock market is that it is multifunctional. Even the people who think about retirement investing consider the investing into the stock market trading to be a great investment strategy.

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