Your credit card application has been declined and there are some common causes for this. You have no idea why the credit card company had done it to you but you have your credit card application denied. Banks and credit card companies do not explain every their client why they have sent them refusal letters, because they want to keep their criteria in mind and do not expose them. And you hardly ever get clear explanations of what was really wrong with your credit card application form in particular and you in general. And it is easy to understand why. Any credit card company does not want to lose its finance on those consumers who cannot pay their credits back on time. And every client’s qualifications are assessed very carefully before the company decides to approve the credit card application form.

There are several requirements for every consumer sending a credit card application form.

You will get a denial letter if you are not adult enough and are under eighteen so far – it is the first reason. Also credit card institutions want to see as their potential clients people with stable sufficient income, with steady living and employment arrangements. Their clients must have excellent or at least good credit history and good credit score. If you do not meet their expectations and exceed their requirements, your credit card application will be declined because of these most common reasons.

Do you know what certain income means and why they need it from you? Banks and credit companies want to know for sure that their clients have enough finance to pay off their credit debts and loans. If you want to be qualified for a credit card you must make enough money as unstable or little income is the reason of denial for credit card applications. A certain steady income is obligatory in this case.

What does excellent credit score mean? It means that an applicant has some previous credits and loans fixed and that his credit history has list of all his previous and current credit card applications and card files. Your current and previous employers and overdue accounts must be fixed there too.

The applicant must not be in probationary period and have steady job in order to be able to pay off his credit card debt. The applicant’s credit card application will be declined if he moves around often, because current stable job and residence are taken into consideration by card companies too.

Short or bad credit history is a bad thing too which may be offered with the credit card application to the card company. They will consider such person as a high risk client and will not trust him any money.

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