Do you know why your credit card application form can be declined? In most cases consumer do not receive explanations of the reasons of refusal together with the denial letter from credit card institutions. More often than not they do not know the clear answer why they had failed their credit card application. Usually credit card providers do not open their lending criteria and avoid any kind of explanations trying to keep in a secret why they refuse this or that applicant. Of course, card providers do not want to lose their money on bad clients and they want to find applicants who will be able to pay their credit debts back. That is why they assess qualification of each their potential client before they approve his or her credit card application form.

Credit card providers demand the following qualifications from their potential clients: they must have stable income; excellent or good credit history; steady living conditions and current job. And if the applicants do not meet these requirements, it will be the most wide spread reason for refusal for their credit card applications.

What do they mean asking for sufficient income? This qualification has grounds as credit card providers want to be sure that their clients have enough funds to pay off their credit debts. Credit card companies will take into consideration all your financial debts like other credit cards and loans, and if you make little money, they will decline your credit card application because it is obligatory to have some steady income and only in this case you can be qualified for a credit account.

Your credit history will be thoroughly verified and you should know that your credit history file includes many details about your relations with loans: your previous loans; you current card files and your previous credit card applications; your defaults and overdue account; your previous and current employers.

Your multiple credit card application forms can be easily traced that is why you should apply for a single card company at a time and with only one credit card application form. Or card companies can translate it like you are desperately seeking for a loan. Bad or short credit history may be the main reason of your credit card application denial. You need to have high enough credit score to get a card, because credit card providers want to have some basis for trusting you as their client.

You must have stable employment and living arrangement to be approved for a new credit card. If you often switch off jobs or move, it gives you high chances to receive a denial letter from the bank. Your jobs and residence will be traced by the card company so be honest with them.

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