Our readers often ask us the great deal of different questions that bothers them. However, we would try to do our best and make the try to give you answers for the questions that trouble you. First, we would start investigation them and looking for the proper answer, we find if useful to make that questions clear for you. So, the first and the more often question about the credit card processing is the following: how to choose the best credit card? How to deal in the proper way with the mobile phone credits? Which way of credit cards processing is best, the terminals or the mobile phones and the blackberries? However, we have to underline here the importance of the last question. Accordingly, to the quick speed of the modern society development this question becomes far actual with the every single day. Nevertheless, some barriers do not allow us easily to deal with the very kind of credit card processing. That is why we made up our minds to devote the very article to the discovering the main points of the very question. As we already underlined there are two drawbacks in the using the mobile phones and the blackberries that that discontinue the development of the mobile credit card processing. Moreover, you have to be attentive to the fact that all the highly developed countries uses the mobile credit card processing only on the half of it initial potency. So, allow us to name the fact that interrupts the formation of the new onward stage of the credit card mobile processing. The first drawback we are talking about is the fact that the customers of the definite niche of business that demands the credit card account cannot swipe their own cards. It depends on the fact that they should hand you their credit cards. After that, you should enter their information. Any way it might be balk for some customers. They might not be sure that the information from the credit card is in safety if it would be transmitted over a mobile phone. Nevertheless, they do waste their time thinking about the very question. However, you might be sure that the information transmitted over the mobile phone is in safety due to the highest standard of encryption is used. Any way your customers may not trust this and they possess the right to do that. Moreover, the next drawback of using the mobile phone processing generally and the blackberries partly depend son the software and the abilities of the mobiles phones. It depends also on event that you might not be able to store the information for the transmission letter – known as the store and forward.

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