“Borrowing $10 to make $100”

Have you been taught that Borrowing is bad? Think though how many successful corporations succeeded without startup funding. Not Many. Many if not most companies that eventually fail do so because they didn’t have adequate money available at the beginning or when tough times struck. Have you heard the phrase “it takes money to make money”? That’s our strategy, and it works.

“Passive Income”

Borrowing to make money only works if you have a secure way to net substantially more than you borrow. As a former 20 year licensed Financial Planner for a Fortune 500 corporation, I can tell you that the traditional means to invest and make any meaningful return are bleak. The boom times when I started my practice, when many funds were making 40%, are over.

1. The Dow Jones Indicator, as of 1/7/2020, was 7.3% below the level it was at 10 years earlier.
2. Real Estate is still reeling from the mortgage crisis of 2009, and most forecasts say that this will be a slow recovery with many ups and downs along the way.
3. In both the mutual fund market and real estate, we are currently experiencing down cycles about every 6 years, with no projection of this ever changing.
4. All these losses in both the stock and real estate market don’t even factor in inflation, which further erodes your asset values around 3% annually.

But the big secret (at least to traditional financial advisors) is the huge successes certain traders are making in the alternative markets (forex and commodities). Though we work with traders that can safely make a 30% annual return, our target is 100% annually, with most making (and some guaranteeing) more. And we’ve been achieving that successfully and verifiably for many years. There are many advantages to consider in moving into these markets:

1. Far less regulation, therefore far lower fees, toward doing business as a trader.
2. Money can be made in up markets and in down markets (whereas in stocks and real estate you only see a profit if your asset values go up).
3. Impossible to “spoof” the system. Corn sells for what corn sells at, as does exchanging euros for yen or dollars. No corporate accountant can inflate or falsify the value of your product, as they can when look at companies being traded on the stock market.

And by the way, we only call these markets alternative because traditional advisors don’t really know about them. The commodity market trades in the trillions of dollars daily! This is not a trivial or fringe market.

Borrowing to fund your passive income business”

You may think that acquiring funds for any kind of business, much less a passive income business, is harder than ever. Indeed, it has proven over the years to be a constantly moving target. What was entirely successful one year is suddenly a dead end the next.

Fortunately though as more and more business experts lend their expertise to this field, we have been able to hone our techniques and are currently very excited about a program that’s been successful for five years and continues to deliver actual cash lines of corporate credit. We really like their technique too, which is acquiring substantial funding (in the $150,000 – $350,000) range in a matter of months.

Here’s our screening criteria and what this company offers.

1. High levels of corporate cash ($150,000 minimum) in 12 weeks or less.
2. Affordable start up and fund acquisition fees.
3. A full 100% money back guarantee, if funds are not delivered.
4. No work required (zero) on your part for the first year.
5. Your Personal Guarantor signature or good credit is not needed! This, of course, is very important because it limits your risk and liability. In the very worst case, your entire high return business is only at risk for the modest front end fee that this company charges. You essentially control 100’s of thousands of dollars while having only a small amount at risk – from business cash acquisition through years of investment.
6. The freedom to utilize these funds in tested, screened, and monitored high returning passive income systems that immediately generate positive cash flow for you on your corporate cash.

“Conclusion – what does this all mean?”

Using very modest estimates – if you could borrow at 1% monthly to earn 5% monthly, how much should you borrow? Obviously, as much as you can. And now you can do it: borrow significant amounts of corporate cash with low risk (no personal guarantor) to fund an amazing passive income business.

For more information about this fast track to passive income profits system, please contact us at: credit2cashflow.net