WebIRESS can be described as a financial information and trading system that provides users with dynamic, real-time market data and trading functionality for CFDs, forex and equities. webIRESS combines the sophisticated features of its big brother the IRESS information solution with the additional advantage of platform, sophisticated order types and multi product portfolio management.

Who uses webIRESS?
webIRESS is specifically common amongst professional traders and investors and small broking companies who:
• desire a reliable low maintenance dealing in platform
• want accurate and timely market data and news
• want real time high speed execution
• want advanced charting and order varieties

What features does webIRESS offer?
webIRESS is based on the same technological backbone as the IRESS platform the only real difference being that instead of being a downloadable application webIRESS is java based and can be accessed using an Internet browser. webIRESS can be accessed by a login portal on your brokers website. Most brokers also provide a webIRESS demonstration for potential customers to use the platform and test it’s performance.

The primary features of the webIRESS software are:
• Browser based Contract for difference and equity information
• Direct market access (DMA) and order management functionality
• Advanced order types including stop loss and trailing stop orders
• Comprehensive news and market data, including comprehensive stock information
• Sophisticated market monitoring tools including a market map
• Comprehensive market analysis and charting
• News and trade sensitive alerts
• Excel plug-in for data extraction

The quote and watchlist functionality within webIRESS shows real-time dynamic quotes for CFDs, shares and indices. Users can build and maintain their very own custom watchlists or use existing watchlists built into the webIRESS using the software. Real time market prices can even be monitored using the quote ticker, which displays live trade prices for shares inside a watchlist or for all of the securities on an exchange.

What exchanges am I able to trade Direct Market Access (DMA) CFDs on?
webIRESS enables you to trade Direct Market Access (DMA) CFDs on 17 different equity exchanges. You’ll be able to trade on real time data using the advanced order types available in webIRESS in combination with the orders supported by the 17 exchanges on which direct market access (DMA) CFDs are offered.

The exchanges on which you’ll be able to trade Direct Market Access (DMA) CFDs are:
• ASX: Australian Stock Exchange
• NZSX: New Zealand Stock Exchange
• LSE: London Stock Exchange
• SES: Singapore Stock Exchange
• KLSE: Malaysian Stock Exchange
• TSE: Tokyo Stock Exchange
• HKSE: Hong Kong Stock Exchange
• TWSE: Taiwan Stock Exchange
• KSE: Korean Stock Exchange
• OSE: Osaka Stock Exchange
• OJ: Osaka Hercules
• NYSE: New York Stock Exchange
• NASDAQ: Nasdaq
• DAX: Deutshe Borse
• SIX: Swiss Exchange
• Borsa Italiana
• Euronext Paris

webIRESS provides you with market depth, a list of all current bids and offers and the last 20 trades for the current day for all of the exchanges listed above. Course of sales data is available for the last 60 days and the current day.

What market news is accessible on the webIRESS dealing platform?
News is obtainable from a wide range of news vendors who provide detailed company information in addition to international market wraps and economic announcements.

Information from these vendors are available to users inside the webIRESS using the platform:
• ASX Signal G Company News: company announcements made to the ASX transcribed into text format
• Reuters News
• AAP News: domestic financial, economic and other news
• Dow Jones Australia/New Zealand news
• Dow Jones International news
• Ralph Wragg

What Stock and Market Information can webIRESS offer?
Security details such as company financial data, dividend and capital adjustment histories and business profiles are provided within the webIRESS platform to make sure all webIRESS users have the latest and up to date information to aid in their decision making.

The Market Activity and Market Map functions within webIRESS provide users with the ability to obtain a quick market and sector evaluation with the touch of a button. The Market Activity lists all of the top movers in the entire market and the main market segments. The Market Map is a visual representation of the market performance of the shares in an industry group, for the current day.

Indices and economic indicators accessible inside the webIRESS buying and selling platform include:
• major global interest rates
• major international indices
• foreign exchange rates
• commodities prices

Using webIRESS to trade CFDs
Contract for difference on the functionality through webIRESS can be enabled by your broker, but only if they have got an IRESS order routing system (IOS) which is configured to permit direct market access (DMA) CFD on the.

Charts on webIRESS
webIRESS includes a range of chart indicators and trend lines for easy analysis of price charts. webIRESS can access over 20 years of historical price data allowing you to run comprehensive back testing.

Am I able to tailor my webIRESS layout?
Traders can configure the webIRESS workspace layout to suit their own preferences. They are also able to create customized keys for frequently recurring tasks and save all individual settings for future use.

WebIRESS Excel Interface
The webIRESS excel interface enables the creation of live price links between webIRESS and Excel, or the direct extraction of historical information into an Excel spreadsheet.

How can I get started buying and selling Contracts for difference on the webIRESS trading platform?
There are many stockbrokers that offer the webIRESS trading platform however before getting started using the webIRESS platform make sure you download a webIRESS demo and read our guide to CFD trading using the webIRESS trading software.