Get this Sublime Forex Champions Multi Indicator Scanner FREE that tells the market direction of any currecny pair on 8 different timeframes. Learn this powerful Fibonacci Retracement method FREE that pulls 500+ pips per trade. Watch these shocking M3 Forex Software Videos that show it predicting the DOW crumble days before it actually happenned. Dean Gallagher: August 19, I offered only 45 copies of Sublime Forex Champions (v2.0) to a small waiting list. The result was unexpected… I completely sold out all 45 spots in 49 minutes. The doors have been closed since then. And it will remain closed in the foreseeable future. Then, I released 300 copies of Red Phoenix – a small component of my entire blueprint -at a low initial price point.

And again, the hard limit I set was hit. Price DOUBLED and will stay that way FOREVER. This is not about selling you either Sublime Champions or Red Phoenix. You’ve missed out. That’s the sad truth. It is to let you know about a little (maybe not) project that our developers have been working on here at Sublime Trading Solutions. If you want, you might be able to get a backdoor in. This is the only way you can access our “stuff” at the moment.

More on that later…It’s just *some* of the feedback I’ve been getting from Sublime and Red Phoenix customers. (And they aren’t even all the way through the course yet 🙂 Take a read. Methinks you’ll get a kick from reading some of the comments. I just got back from a trip to Hong Kong where I sat down with one of the top traders from HSBC bank. Can’t tell you his name unless I want him to get fired on the spot. Let’s call him “H”.

(Hint: Do a Google search for HSBC – Hong Kong branch, and find their single best trader for 4 years in a row… with the initials H.L. You’ll get the right guy) H and I were good friends, but we’re both super-competitive. So when I asked him “What’s your secret to trading?”, he asked me back the same question. No-one wanted to give the answer first. So we wrote our answers on a sheet of paper and we exchanged.


The word is… PEOPLE. Let me explain: What’s the secret to trading? It’s UNDERSTANDING people. Not surface-level understanding. I mean … I really get in there and try and understand the EMOTIONS that drive them. Because it’s these emotions that translate into actions… and actions drive ALL markets. The stuff (hot buttons) that makes them buy or sell or stand on the sidelines. The story that they tell themselves. How they interpret the fundamentals or news. I try and figure it all out. Trading (on any given market) then becomes dead easy.

That’s the foundation of our #2 best trading system. CODENAME: GD — We’ll talk about how it works, what makes this type of trading possible, and the MECHANISM behind GD next time. We’ll talk about the STUFF UNDERNEATH the surface. 4 days away…I said GD is our #2 best trading system. That’s not necessarily true anymore. With the new TWIST we introduced, methinks it’s now our single most powerful system. I need to do more test to confirm it. You’ll be kept in the loop either way. When I say mechanism and proof, I don’t mean
proof like this… or this…

Yes, they’re all faked… from the lowlifes, thieves, and scumbags that crawl all over the place in our industry. It’s time to clean it up. ( Could you spot the lies? Could you guess where all these “proof” photos are from? I’ll give you a hint: F__ Wealth M__ ) Got tons of spam emails touting it? Unsubscribe from ‘m all. I did.